Setting op-1 midi channel

I see how under controller page shift plus the blue encoder changes the midi channel to control other gear

but how do i set the op-1 “global” midi channel. If i want it to respond from midi track 3 when i’m using logic or my OT to trigger it. i have only had success with channel 1 (regardless to what is set on the controller page)

thanks in advance

Is this information not in the manual for the OP-1? I haven’t checked in a while.

EDIT: IIRC, you go into COM and hold SHIFT and then use one of the encoders to set the MIDI channel. Apparently it’s not in the guide but based on my recollection and some Googling I believe that is how it’s done.


Controller mode settings are different from OP-1 “standalone” (default) mode settings. On the COM page, with ‘OP-1’ selected (instead of controller), MIDI channel can be set with SHIFT + Blue Knob.

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thanks guys…

i did a search for midi in the manual…nothing came up