Setting snarelength from Cirklon in CK pattern

Anyone have any clue how to set the length of the snaredrum samples on my Rytm mkII using the Cirklon CK pattern? I’d really rather have one dedicated drummachine channel, using the CK pattern to send out notes to my Rytm mkII. Would rather not have to use 12 seperate channels.

So basically I’m trying to set up a CK pattern with kicks, snares, claps, hihats, etc. But I’d also like to be able to change the length of my snares.

Setting length in CK pattern mode while selecting the snare channel doesn’t seem to change anything.

i don’t use CK patterns for drums and usually just use 3 or 4 p3 patterns. how ever, you can have multiple sounds per p3 pattern, which instrument definition are you using for your rytm?

Currently have none. Do you have a good one for Rytm mkII?
edit: Yeah starting to think P3 is the way to go. Going to have to put my aux channels to good use to modulate things. Kind of a bummer having to use several tracks. Would rather keep everything in one track to keep tab on things.

enjoy :slight_smile:

because of how chokes work on the rytm, I like to keep the BD and snare on the same pattern, same for the hi-hats rimshot clap, etc.

later on, when you are muting and unmuting patterns, in song mode, you have way more options.

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Thanks! Appreciate it :slight_smile:
Yeah pretty good idea to have one track for bd and sd. Might try that. Will import instrument defs now. Thanks.

Hmm. Not sure I’m understanding the instrument def. I’m seeing Port nr (changed to 5 in my setup) and channel is set to M14. M for Multi, I assume. But when I create a pattern I’m not hearing anything.

This stuff is quite confusing, until it clicks :slight_smile:

edit: Ok I think what caused one track to stop was my other track running into rytm too. I’ve deleted that one. So basically multi means that the settings in the instrument def are sent out to all channels at once?

multi means when you select the instrument in the cirklon track it send midi to that channel.

So the default setup of the RYTM is channel 1 -> BD, channel 2 -> SN and so on, sending notes on these channels with play those tracks pitched. However, on every p3 pattern regardless of what midi channel you send data to, C0 -B0 are overlayed with all 12 drum sounds.

(If on a p3 pattern, you scroll to the bottom, you’ll see that c0 thorugh B0 are named. C0 -> BD , D0 -> Rim and so on.)

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This is true, though you can still only send aux event cc messages on one channel (eg. Sample end or envelope controls for the snare as the OP was asking, but no controls over other sounds).
Sequencing the RYTM on the cirklon is not ideal. I currently use a P3 track per sound. It would be great to be able to lump these all together - ie. have a single piano roll ck pattern type track, but each row you could click into and edit P3 pattern style with its own midi channel and set of aux events. I think Colin talked about something like this being in development (“ensemble instruments” or something), but that was a while back, and no sign yet.

my thoughts exactly. I have to use 8 instrument definitions for my Vermona DRM1. similar if sequencing my Acidlab Drumatix. it’s a bummer the CK patterns have the awesome TR-707 style grid for drum programming but you can’t selectively mute any of those drums! hence the need to break 'em out to different tracks and just use P3 patterns. but then I can just mute tracks as normal (i.e. treat a snare or kick the same as a synth).

Just brought it up again on the sequentix forum here:
Colin is pretty good at considering requests if there is enough interest.
Chime in if you think it would be worthwhile.

I dunno, I make pretty complex music and I don’t ever touch the sequencers on the Rytm. For the most part, the Cirklon is vastly superior.

Cool. I completely agree. The cirk is the superior sequencer, and I don’t touch the RYTM sequencer either. But like @chiasticon, I like the 707 style grid on the ck patterns and it’s a shame not to be able to use it.
Out of interest, say you have it setup the way you are suggesting with a handful of P3 tracks sequencing over a few channels and filling in the other notes with C0-B0 and you decide that you’d like to modulate the filter on your hihat (or envelope release on your snare) but you’re on the wrong midi channel, what do you do? Always looking for ways to improve the way I sequence the RYTM from the cirklon.

Great. Thanks for that. I’ve chimed in as well.

You could automate the cc for sample length in a ck pattern.


Hmm. How? In a separate Aux channel?

From the release notes: ‘In CC view, knob A generates controller stream to record for current row.’

I think to get to cc view (it doesn’t say how in the release notes or manual that I can find, so am recalling how from memory), when in the ck pattern hold SHIFT and press or turn ROW

Then you turn ROW to get to the cc number you want to automate, and press record and use knob A to automate.

Woah. I didn’t even know there’s a cc view in CK mode. That’s new to me. Thanks! I’ll give this a try when I get back home.

You are welcome :slight_smile:

I think it’s still a beta feature so hasn’t been included in the manual as of yet.

You can also insert cc values in the ck pattern event list view (hit insert whilst on that page I think. Cc should be an option) but you still have to be on the snare midi channel right? You can’t have ck patterns sending to multiple midi channels (yet!)

I was also thinking, surely setting the note length should work if you have the envelope settings right? High env amount, high sustain and release to your liking?