Sfx-60 mkII not taking midi in

evening all,

my sfx60 is otherwise working perfectly but wont take midi in at all for some reason, does anyone know if its more likely a hardware or software issue? ive tried playing about with the settings already but had no luck.

edit: its pretty old and been used a lot.

Unless you have messed up the MIDI settings, it’s a hardware issue. What MIDI settings are you using?

Could try changing to a new global settings bank. By default it should accept 1-6 for the tracks, and 9 for the currently selected track. Also try sending it a midi clock and see if the bpm counter changes to ‘EXT’.

thanks for the response, Tried all of the above, dont have it to hand at the moment to check the settings but im pretty certain theyre all set to receive fine but it wouldnt even take an external tempo :frowning: . Anyone know what these things are like to open up?