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Is there anywhere or anyone that shares presets for Analog Rytm mk2? I find dissecting other people’s presets and working out how they’re made a really good learning tool for a new instrument. I have a couple of the packs, but it seems a lot of them are just sample based. Does anyone know of a resource for presets, or is anyone interested in setting up something?

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Have you had a look at the files section on this board?

Here’s a kit I made with just impulses pinging the filters. I like adding samples to some of the sounds, but oftentimes I keep it analog.

Yeah, I did, but there’s not much there. There’s one set of patches for ARmk1, but nothing other than that in the last couple of years really. Unless I’m missing something - I’ve not been on here long.

Magic, thanks - I’ll take a look at this, it’ll help me a load I’m sure.

Two sound packs that I can recommend are the synthetics sound pack and AR808 by justin valer. 100% synthesis patches both. Deconstructing those will give you tons of ideas!

You seen the [ Definitive list ] Analog RYTM kits, sounds & samples curated by the wonderful @William_WiLD


I need to discuss about something in PM with ya … I will send you a PM here in the day !
Maybe you will have good advises for me, Rusty :wink:
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This is great, thanks!

Don’t thank me, I’m just a messenger. Thank @William_WiLD :wink:

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