Sheltering Waves - Agne Couldn't Make It

nothing ever happens on monday night
analog keys
prophet 12
korg minilogue
mopho x4
moog little phatty
schecter elite banshee-6 fr s
synplant played via roli seaboard rise 25 which i bought only last week and this is the first time i recorded something with it.:v:️:metal:

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Very nice sound, I enjoyed it a lot !

(Synplant looks awesome, I don’t use VSTs but since I’ve watched Cuckoo’s interview of Lidström I’m fascinated)

Really nice !!

Thank you mate. The track was supposed to have vocals, but she couldn’t make it. :blush:

No vst’s at all? I’m using only a few vst synths, but a tone of fx’s. Hats off to you.

I got the first synplant the year it was released and always loved it… it’s an ideal synth for the seaboard as it miraculously works in multimode.

I haven’t seen that cuckoo interview, but it doesn’t surprise me if Lindstrom uses it.

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Thank you!

Lidström. Magnus. Microtonic & Syntplant creator, the guy behind Sonic Charge.
Watch this !

And no, I use computer only for recording.
I have never taken the time to use VST for proper mastering, I just EQ a bit when needed, adjust volumes, that’s all. When I take the time to do this :smiley:
Most of the time I just record straight.
Guess I’m too lazy or I spend already too much time in front of a computer !

If you can share more info on Syntplant + Roli keyboard I’d be delighted :slight_smile:

ha! I thought you were speaking about Lindstrom the producer haha. I’m such a fanny. :joy:

I watched the video… great guy. I didn’t know he worked on teenage stuff too… amazing.
Re: mastering; I don’t master either, I like imperfections.

With synplant; either I was tripping or I managed to make it work like it does with equator; the synplant has a little DNA function where you can route your midi messages. So I was able to play multiple notes simultaneously but pitch only one.