Shepard Tone on A4

I attempted to start this on my A4 last week. I’m wondering if anyone has some ideas on how to create a Shepard Tone with the A4.

I was under the impression it can only be achieved by using many oscillators, like additive synthesis or some other digital method beyond the limitations of analog.

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I thought the Shepard Tone is as much about the notes you play as anything. You should be able to set your A4 to poly and use one patch and have it wrap around. Add a delay for the feel of more voices maybe?

plock the subosc and osc mixes, turn off any key following for the filters (to keep the emphasis pitch level) and use an inverse notch filter (bandpass) centered at said pitch. With good filtering choices the plocks might not even be necessary…

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Am getting into modular and first module is Maths. Strangely, i hooked it up to little phatty to learn the voltage thing with resonance and got a Shepard tone, with a bit of screwing around (not deliberately). Should’ve recorded it, sorry i didn’t. Probably not proper but it kept going up and up then repeating. Bit weird.