Should I buy a Korg ESX-1?

Don’t forget the valves on the ESX-1 - they are a major part of its sound.

I like the motion sequencing very much on the E?X-1 series Electribes, though it could do with improvement - Elektron really have excelled themselves with p-locks by comparison.

I had one back in the day. Nice for mangling samples, but I found it a bit limiting and hated the smart media cards. I ended up going to an MPC1K and was much happier.

I’ve sort of come full circle though. I’m looking at a Digitakt over an MPC Live because I’m into simplicity at the moment. Being able to nudge notes off the grid would be one major reason I would choose the Digitakt over an old ESX-1.

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U should buy two

I’d love to have an ESX again. I’d even take an old smart media one if the price was right. I never had an issue just recording things straight into the ESX. I bought all the smart media garbage when I had one before, rarely used it. If you are looking to use it as a one shot drum machine, I guess the SD vs SM is a big issue.