Should I swap my digitakt for a Digitone?

Hey guys, long time no post!

I’ve gotten back into making music, and need some advice:

I recently purchased the Digitakt and wanted to get a Digitone too, but I didn’t have the cash.

I haven’t really bonded with the Digitakt at all, it’s little things like loading samples seems really unintuitive to me compared to the Octratrack, lack of slicing and time stretching.

I’ve given it one last chance and while I am getting to grips with it, those things seem to be standing in my way.

So I have a plan: use my OT as a sample master/mixer. For stereo samples and breakbeats etc, Polyend tracker as a melodic sequencer as well as mono drums, A4 as a sound source and DT the same. I really like FM drum sounds and I’m guessing it’s more than capable of that. I don’t need 3 samplers right?

I live in the UK and someone has offered me a swap for a Digitone in The Nederlands as a straight swap. Is that worth it?

Thank you so much guys, I remember this to be a great and friendly community and look forward to getting back into it!


In your shoes, I would be overjoyed to make this trade. You will not regret this trade, given you already own an Octatrack. The TR-808 presets on the DN will get you some pretty crystalline digital hi-hats and all sorts of semi-realistic sounding percussion.


I don’t own an OT, but do own a DT/DN pair.

It seems reasonable to use the OT for most of what you would do with a DT, and that since you are already covered for sample work, to swap out for a Digitone.

If I myself had an OT and knew how to use it, I would most likely want the Digitone, not the Digitakt.

Digitone was my first Elektron, and I can’t imagine that you will be disappointed combining the sample workflow of the OT, the analog of the A4 and the lovely, flexible and very musical FM of the DN.


Yes. And no you don’t need 3 samplers. DN with OT midi arp is a thing of beauty. Get it.


@wintermute I don’t have advice regarding your post, I just wanted to say I love your screen name!

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What @craig said™


@wintermute better have made this trade/swap happen by now (only 3 hours later from the initial post, mind you). This is inspiring and making me realize that I’ve been taking my DN for granted lately.

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Should you swap and apple for an orange?


just echoing what others here have said- probably no need for 3 samplers, especially when one is an OT. i love the digitone, like, i actually look forward to using it when im not using it (if that makes sense?!) and it always brings something new to the table. i only briefly owned a digitakt a while back and didnt really take to it - like you i also had an OT, so the need for a second sampler was redundant. do it!

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You can never have too many samplers :grimacing:


Thanks guys!

I’ve agreed to the swap with the guy and should have it next week. Really should have bought it first!


How does the DN’s arp differ from the OT’s?

Random mode for starters, and also the divisions don’t quite match up with DN, so firing random notes from OT into the DN’s own arp creates some lovely happy accidents.