Signals (new techno track)

I am working on a new Techno EP that is aiming for are club-context rather than my previous dub techno music. Any help and feedback is very much appreciated! Here is the first one:


Nice track, man!
Setup? Did you make any post production?

I can hear some clicks/pops (it is easy to hear on the Break)
Also, in my opinion kick is soft and not deep enough, but it is about taste :slight_smile:

Keep going, really nice quality of the sound you have!

Cool track! I think the weakest part might be the kick. It gets a bit static. Might consider adding some low velocity hits or another, softer kick on the off beats to get some more bounce into it. But basically just try out some things to breathe a little more life into it.

Thank you! Interesting that you point out the kick, I was not too happy with it either. I will work on it and try to find a better one.

My setup is 100% software in this track, I used Ableton with U-HE Repro1 & Diva and the TAL Bassline 101. Drums are samples from Samples from Mars and a lot of own creations that I sampled from various noise sources. I basically do all my drums with Noise and Envelopes / Filters.

I improved the Kick and bass sounds and re-uploaded the track.


Adjusting the kick really adds a lot more movement. Good job!

Yeah, much better with that kick … nice one.

Here is another one! Unlike the previous track which was a 100% computer production all sounds in this one are from my modular system. I used Ableton to loop all sounds and make the arrangement. I´m not sure what you think but I find this one much better than the first one that I posted here!