Silence chamber

At party’s we used to see how long people could last in a floating live room at my old studio. Not quite an anechoic chamber, it was essentially a box wrapped in rock wool sitting in another box. Very very quiet & with the lights out you definitely had an uncomfortable feeling.
For me, after a while, the walls just dissolved & the blackness went on forever.
Wouldn’t want to do it after watching a horror movie :slight_smile:

ooh, dudeeeeeeeeeee … you call that a “party” … rofl … hope i never get invited …muhaaaa… well on the other hand, why not try it out… funny story!

Ha you got me good :slight_smile:
Yeah we’d generally do it before people got (too) mashed.
You never know who you’d find yourself in there with later on or indeed with what, but that’s another story…