Simmons like?

Hi all,

Did someone tried to emulate a Simmons SDS V with the Rytm’s synthesis ?

About the snare, I think it’s impossible… but toms and kick ?

Do you think it’s possible ?

Seems like the Nord Drum 2 comes close.

I still really like the sound of the Simmons SDS V. The Analog Rytm is just totally different.

See this to listen to the Simmons SDS 5:

With the new snare synthesis engines a lot of these sounds are definitely possible. It might even be possible with a rim or clap synth engine. It’s just a matter of taking the time to find the right synth and filter parameters. Proper envelopes from the AMP section helps too. It is probably easier to get it just right with a MkII AR because of the higher-precision encoders.

That being said, the white noise engine in the AR is different so there is going to be a slightly different character no matter what. You might get something similar by resampling the noise (easier in the MkII) and reducing the bit rate through the sample engine.

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There’s no higher precision from the MKII encoders, it’s only a different encoder feel/response and I’ve never found it an issue on the MKI … but indeed, some of these sounds would be great to chase with the onboard synthesis

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Interesting. I own a MkI and love it. I read that the MkII had higher resolution encoders and assumed they had precision up to 0.01 like the Digitakt and Digitone as opposed to the integer 0-127 values of the MkI. It’s rarely been an issue, but there has been once or twice where I wanted more precise harmonics from one of the FM engines and thought I might have better results from 0.01 resolution on certain parameters. It hasn’t been a defining factor of my experience by any means.

Still, four years after the original post it should be stated that this machine has aged incredibly well and is easily capable of producing a vast palette of sounds that make it to the final mixdown without much processing (given enough time and focus).

@avantronica For reference:


Hi resolution encoders are different to high resolution parameters

I think the marketing speak is quite unhelpful there as there’s no more meaningful precision in terms of sound design but it may or may not feel more precise to dial things in - I’ve read users express that they preferred both new/old

I understand the new encoders are able to discern finer rotational movements and there may be more room in software to enhance the fast-turn / push-turn / turn feel and they may even be more robust, but AR MkI and MkII sound patches are identical afaict

it would be wonderful if the AR had the same internal resolution as the A4 on a few more parameters though


Someone here build a SDS V clone:

Every time i hear those toms so '80s but i like that.

The tom machine’s of the Rytm could take a example of these Simmons tom’s for any future update’s of new machine’s in the Rytm.

Her you can download samples from the Simmons SDS V

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Listen to this song from Laurie Anderson and how these Simmons SDS V sounds like.
To my ears SDS V toms are the ultimate electronic toms.

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I figured I’d upload this snippet of a recording I did awhile back for the Simmons SDSV group on Facebook. I wanted to make a piece using only the SDSV alone(along with some effects) in a techno type setting. I used the machinedrum to trigger it with the IMP machine

I have included the link to the full recording for anyone that is interested in a slightly better sounding version of it.

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…if u can’t get it for ur own satisfied ears on the rytm, the nord drum1 module is ur best friend…u can catch it used under 200 bux these days and also get the best drum to midi converter on the planet at the same time…

I’m in doubt of getting the Nord Drum 3p with the Analog Heat mk2.

Have to say that my finger drumming goes better over time. So drum pads on the Nord Drum 3p might also be interesting that way.

And of course sample the hell out of it to the Rytm.

Creating Simmons toms with the tom machines on the AR is not getting near close.

But when you also have the Analog Four it’s peanuts to create Simmons toms.

Just a raw impression how that sounds