Simple way to have cue outputs mirror mains?

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Wanting to use the cue outputs of the Octatrack to record into a Zoom device. I’m using track 8 as a master so, for reasons that I don’t understand, I can’t route it to the cue. Is there a quick way — it’s still early days but frustratingly little seems to be quick with this machine —to do what I want to do without having to set each level separately in studio mode?

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why not have mains–> Zoom and monitor from the Zoom?

I couldn’t find a way to do this and ended up recording main outs while monitoring through headphones. I think you have to do a totally separate cue mix, levelling each track.

The manual states that T8 as master cannot be routed to cue.

Why not record from main outs and monitor from headphones? Or vice versa?


All tracks routed to cue outs don’t go through the master track.

If you deactivate studio mode, you can cue tracks with a button press (Cue + Track Button - cued tracks have a flashing led).
There’s also a menu option (Cue mutes track), when active, cued tracks are muted from main outs.

I’m just realizing this — that even setting cue levels for each track doesn’t solve the problem of none of it passing through the track 8 master (compression / reverb).

So even in normal mode (I think that was the opposite of studio), I’m not able to get exact mirroring…? Still no master that way?

Yes, everything you send through cue outs is excluded from the master track.

Studio mode is just a different view of track levels and cue level, no other difference to normal mode.

Okay, thanks.

Headphones seems the best solution, or a mixer.
There’s a way to send Master T8 recording it and playing it on another Flex track, sent to CUE. Loosing a track.

Also linked mute behavior. :wink:


Ah, damn! Forgot about that^^ Thx :wink:

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@sezare56 I have a cue question too and this seems like a good place to ask it. I’ve been experimenting with random recorder trigs and playbacks on two flex machines that record the cue out. When I cue a track, the effect is an interesting glitchy stutter that follows the track. But if I use a master track on T8 it changes the sound–I’m guessing because of the way the audio is routed? Optimally I’d like to be able to hear the base (cue’d) track, and the two flex machines, without a significant change in volume. Any ideas?

Master T8 is like an insert. It should be neutral if you set T8 Level to 127, otherwise at 108 (default) you loose around 3db, and FX set to None*.
I hope that’s the right explanation, otherwise I’d need more details.

*(Obviously you’d want to use FX on T8, applied to all tracks, but not to CUE)