Skunk Mullet - Transmissions

Join Skunk Mullet at 8pm (gmt) 22/03/20 for Transmission 1, the first in a series of live sessions to help keep you entertained in these trying times.

I’m using a core Elektron setup with ‘guest synths’ appearing from time to time. The first one features an Octatrack, Monomachine and special guest star - Korg Wavestate

Head on over to Skunk Mullet’s YouTube page and subscribe to get updates on forthcoming transmissions.

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Elektrons on parade with support from a knackered Moog Realistic Concertmate MG-1

Skunk Mullet presents an ambient track which will likely end up on the next Infintium release. The track is almost entirely made up of Korg Wavestate sounds which were pre-looped onto the Octatrack and given the Elektron twist. More loops of the Wavestate were recorded live to create a very rich atmosphere. The Digitakt also has a few Wavestate samples fed into it for good measure.