Slowing Down Tempo with Locks?

Hi, sorry for flooding with so many posts today, I suddenly have a lot of questions.

I tried using scenes+rate+locks for this but it didn’t work. But predictably I guess it only impacted the pitch, and not the tempo.

Is there a way to slow down an audio track while it’s playing a sequence? I’m looking for a way to create the effect of a track being gradually slowed down and pitched down at the same time.

Thank you…

Do you want to change seq’s tempo too ?
Only in arranger.

Otherwise Rate should to the job, with lfos, slides, crossfader, trigless plocks…
Won’t work on a sliced track.

I do, yea, I’m trying to make it a gradual shift of tempo+pitch, so that the track is slowing down gradually, from 120 to 90 bpm over a whole 4 pages sequence. Is that not possible?

You can’t actually slow the sequencer global tempo down without turning the knob. You should be able to get the sample to slow down evenly by using a slide trig on the same step as your sample trig, and have a trigless lock with the rate locked to the ending speed of the rate parameter on the last step of the pattern.
Try messing with the flex/static setup page rate setting, I think when set to pitch it will make the rate knob slow down and drop the pitch of the sample, maybe time stretch has to be off can’t remember… :peace:


I kind of assumed you were using one sample for what I just said… :scream_cat:

Thanks! But wouldn’t this only work if I have one trig with one sample on the track?

I have something like 20 trigs on one track that create a melody with different samples, I just want to take this whole sequence on Track 5 and slow down + pitch down the whole track/sequence evenly.

I don’t mind doing it manually, but even with slowing down the tempo with the knob it wouldn’t pitch things down.

I guess I would have to bounce that sequence and create one long sample and then do what you suggest? It just doesn’t seem very flexible.

Oh, yea, heh I just wrote a reply when you posted this. Yea It’s multiple samples, and it makes sense I guess that it can’t do everything I want it to. It’s just that this particular thing seems so basic to me, like slowing down tape…

Yeah we typed at the same time!
You might be able to do it, I don’t know, my brains done thinking OT for the day! :ecstatic:
If it gets tiresome figuring it out I suggest just doing something more fun, I’m sure others will have some input…
Edit: you may be on to something with sample the track and use the sample, it could be quicker than you think if you already have recorders going and then you fade to another track with the sample, or switch to a new similar pattern but with that track as the sample…, just ideas, there’s probably more…

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With the Arranger and tempo changes, and 4 step patterns,

Or resampling the whole mix and gradually slow it down.

Or buy a Kp3.

Or play it in a CD dj stuff.

Or press a vinyle.

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