Small MIDI Controller that has scale mode?

Does anyone know of any small midi controllers with DIN MIDI that have a scale mode so I can use it to input notes into the DT? Can have pads or keys, thanks

PS. I wish Elektron would add this to the DT. Super annoying they added this to the DN but left it off the DT.

Launchpad Pro, or you could pick up a harmonic table based controller.

LPP as mentioned above but do more they only the pro has scale mode. It is great though against the others. Polyphonic aftertouch, velocity with different settings, and it works as a great controller for ableton and standalone. There’s also a firmware you can buy that adds more features bringing it close to an ableton push. If you have a look on here too there is a firmware someone has written specifically for use with the digitakt called digipad. Another option would be the Korg nanokey studio but that has no din midi. Kordbot but you may wait a while