Snare sound challenge?

i work on a track for that science lab challenge at the moment.
well, maybe it´s stupid to ask potential competitors, but how
can i get a good! classic snare sound out of such a vocal sample ?
bass, kicks, hhs, cymbals, toms, synths or whatever sounds…no problem.
but a good snare sound ? of course tried a lot with filter envelopes, distortion
lofi, comb filter, compressor, etc. and of course interesting percussion sounds
come out. but when i try to get a classic snare sound
it alway sounds to much “crcrrnk”, “clickk” or “klonckk” or “brrrzzz”
maybe that would be a challenge on it´s own: get the best sounding
classic snare sound without resampling, only one track allowed :wink:

You should throw in the towel. In fact I’d suggest everybody not participate as a protest against no overbridge support.

I’ve had some luck though with some very thin slices from a couple spots strung together into a noise sorta snare, some verb to space it out.

hehe. I have no snare yet but i have a kick , a hihat and a bassline :

it’s not stupid to ask, it’d just be stupid to tell :wink:
come on, this is your opportunity to dig deep and discover things more exciting than a classic snare along the way, your ears don’t lie

Pitched-down hi-hats can make serviceable snares, especially with some EQ. Otherwise you can fool around with retriggering to make a weird snare, as done in this tune:

well, some of you misundertood me.
I have a lot of fun with that challenge already
and that snare thing isn´t really relevant for me,
but it´s not the first time I try to create a track with a
vocal sample and I often had that snare problem
I can get a snare sound like you can hear on that announcement video
but that`s what i mean with “crcrrnk” or “brzzzz”
(actually i like the snare sound of the AR´clip but it´s special…)

hereiamhere75 - I’m presuming you don’t know much about drum synthesis in general? Anyway,

that one hurt a bit.

but that one:

So one approach might be to find a slice of audio that resembles a click, and program an LFO on the START parameter to jump to another part that generates a tone and adding a bit of LOFI effect to add some noise.

might be the solution I was looking for. thanks alot.
my workaround always has been using 2 tracks and resampling that.

if i should win that contest and using that trick i´ll donate Baddcr a crate of beer

good luck and have fun everybody !