So is the RYTM now a super Digitakt?

My understanding was the Rytm was superior to the Digitakt in most ways except for midi sequencing. Now that that feature has been added is there anything the Digitakt can do that the Rytm can’t? I have a Digitakt that I’m thinking about upgrading but like the idea of being able to sequence from the Digitakt sometimes.

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Polyphonic sequencing w/ cc send. Rytm only does pitch and velocity in mono


See also:


DT has also a midi lfo, sends also Pitchbend (probably MSB only), Aftertouch, Program Changes.

DT is historically and genetically AR’s child. I want the same for AR! :smile:


please give Rytm Polyphonic sequencing. Seems silly to not have it


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.



DT has 8 seperate midi tracks and 8 audio tracks. On the rytm you don’t have this. It’s also very basic. DT has cc, which you ca. Plock for a whole lot of fun. Midi lfo. AT, PB, BC, MW…

No control all either :wink:
Both different instruments with similarities, both great.


I just want to pop in and say that I agree with the rest of the folks here, DT is a superior MIDI sequencer in every possible sense.


I’d argue that the Digitakt also has a superior workflow than the AR(though, I would want those macros that the AR has)

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I’m actually looking at both now that this update dropped. Both have great features over the other. That’s what’s making it hard for me. It all comes down to what I’m really needing. Grrrr, should have kept my dt a while ago so I’d have both with no questions.


I think the AR’s midi is more to facilitate recording midi into a DAW or simple drum layering with other hardware.

That’s pretty perfect to be honest.


Agreed! It’ll really come in handy when you have a bunch of probability recordings from one take and you want to recreate, but refine, that magic on the next take

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Finally selling your MD? :smile:

As stated elsewhere on this forum, the sound is different. I own both and I find the DT to be a bit more transparent. The AR sounds a bit darker and warm. I actually like them both very much (kinda like loving teo children…they are different but I love them equally). If for some reason I had to choose, I’d go with AR as it can do more in the ways I need and with the addition of the Dual VCO and now MIDI sequencing (albeit very limited) it’s a complete workstation imo.
It was actually my first Elektron and I wrote several complete songs before those updated features as it also has a song mode, killer performance/scene parameters and an FX sequencer track to squeeze way more out of the effects than I can with DT.

digitakt has much finer control over sample start and end points. im doubtful the rytm will be updated to match that, as it’s a unique sound design feature that sets the digitakt apart.

No. I was slapped back into my senses. I’ll keep that amber the octatrack obviously. Everything else is going. I can’t decide on keeping the Neutron and DFAM but everything else is either sold or listed. There’stoo much goodness in that md.

Man I would keep the Neutron if I were you…

Yeah I’m thinking I’ll end up letting that and the dfam. It’s fun to use the Ot sequencer as a trigger spice for really random stuff

I do have micro freak and two Electribes still listed if any interest😁

sadly the midi-tracks are not on top - you have to give up one of your eight internal tracks to use midi. so its just a very limited feature and not worth the hype imho.