So when do you become an oldy at a concert?

I ask this question becasue I’m 47 and going to see Scooter live in May in Belfast.

I work from home and so spend a lot of time playing songs on youtube whilst working. So about 5 years ago came across Scooter. I like them because they have a driving bass accompanied by out there vocals, like they bring in what I call random vocals, good singers for example 4am, funny videos e.g Friends, and mix their songs with tunes I listened to in the 90’s eg One, or even Never Ending Story or a bit of Staus Quo!

So I’m going, never been before, but will i look like the pervy uncle :rofl:

So those who have been, what sort of crowd do they get?

Just to add I’m bringing my wife and told her to practice “oi oi oi fucking oi!”

I had to look up Scooter. The lead signer is 53. I’m sure you’ll be fine.

Anyway I think the trick is to not look like you’re having a better time than anyone at or below the predominant age. Otherwise they’ll resent that you can and start on the ad hominem attacks.

EDIT: By all logic I should have turned this Scooter mix off by now. I haven’t.

What have you done?

Scooter is still famous in Germany. I guess most people that go to their concerts here did party to their songs in the 90s. So nothing to be afraid of.
I’m going to some krautrock metal concerts and enjoy being at median age (40).
At club electro concerts I’m one of the older guys but I don’t mind. (it’s dark so who cares anyway).
Good thing is I’m there only for the music and not for the girls as it was in my “youth”. So I’m enjoying the music twice at least.


They’re addictive. At my daughters 18th birthday her friends wandered out to my studio where I was hiding out the way and I did a Dj set of scooter that I’d put together for a laugh, ended up more drunk than them and the fuckers put me on instagram doing the scooter shuffle!!! :rage::grinning:


don’t worry about this…. sure you’ll get a lot of fun. last time i go to a concert 3 months ago to see a UK rock metal band. i see 3 generations of rockers…… dads and mums with sons and kids also a small kid with an anthrax mini t-shirt, worry when you can’t go to party.

Ive been seeing more and more of this kind of thing and I personally think it’s amazing. Put some headphones on the kid and bring them out to jam. How awesome is it to see people having such a great time so early on?

I was at Depeche Mode last June in London and it was the same, familys with kids. Mine are brainwashed and listen to Depeche Mode as well :slight_smile:

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I had a kid come stand by me in my normal place in the club (at the back with a pint). He proceeded to spark up a conversation about how he feels so old going out now. I asked him how old he was… 28!! I told him to get down the front and rave this bit of the club’s reserved for people who can actually state that. Made me giggle but if you love listening to music on a big rig you have as much right a the younguns… We were here first :smiley:

Blimey. What kind of gigs do you go to?!?

Last concert I did was Varg / Abdulla Rashim / Kaiserknappy.
Had to go to bed at 8pm, same as the kids, woke up in the middle of the night, danced and jumped for 6 hours while drinking water and a couple beers, and went back home with the sun rising, fresh as ever.
When I got out of the shower, my son was just waking up, “Hi Dad”.

I have not FELT old. But definitely older than most of the (devastated) people attending to the concert, for sure…
It was funny to make eye contact with other “elders” that were there mainly for the music.


great think you hit the nail… you don’t have to throw your energy to have fun, the way you party can make a difference consciousness wise.

You become too old when you’re dead. Or maybe not - never been able to tell if ghosts were in attendance at any concert.

Granted, I don’t see too many grey-hared folks at metal shows but they’re out there. There were much more than usual at a Pentagram show in DC - Bobby Leibling looked pleased as punch to see them, and said something about old classmates.

I know some older folks who I’ve seen at a concert or two, but are reluctant to attend house shows (concerts at someone’s house, not a house music concert). They feel self-conscious about being surrounded by a crowd of “kids”… in a house. A bar is different, and I guess more ok for them.

you are too old when concerts are all about beers and loud talking during the concert

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Ha! Agreed!

Not really into going to gigs these days. The bands I tend to like don’t tour my way often enough or at all any more (Radiohead, Super Furry Animals, Animal Collective) and far too many bands are so dull you’re just as well sticking a CD on (Chvrches and, surprisingly, Franz Ferdinand for example).

But every now and again I manage to catch a gig that is very special - Hot Chip at the Barra’s a year or so ago were incredible

Aaaaaanyway, I know I’m an oldy at gigs. Been that way since I could be arsed “going down the front” preferring to hang near the back to soak it all in without getting bumped into and getting pissed off with everyone ha!

My wife insisted we go to see Bannarama in Hammersmith in December. So I got seats! at the back. Ended up having drink thrown all over me, slapped around the face by some bearded guy in a dress doing all the actions to the songs.

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To be honest at the Hot Chip gig if I had known what to expect I wouldve made an exception and been down the front bopping about. Very impressive musicianship with all songs being performed “different” to how they are on record but still absolutely banging. Always regret missing when they toured with LCD Soundsystem with each act taking turns to “headline” before both joining each other on stage for a sort of encore. Catching LCD Soundsystem in Glasgow in a couple of months though - can’t wait for that one! Not as excited as I am for Flight of the Conchords in a few weeks though!!!


Way you talk, sounds like you deserved it.

Not sure I get this?

For the elderly I can definitely recommend nosalive festival in Lisbon. Can’t attend because of baby coming in April. Sold out this year but have been there the last three years. Great audience and very laid back. Even the campsite.
Great mixture of bands. 2016 there were hot chip on the Heineken stage at 5:20am as headliner. It was hard to stay awake but worth it. And four tet. Last year Depeche mode and foo fighters. The foos have played an almost 3hour set


Sounds brilliant. Would have loved to have been there!