So your top 5 gym tunes

For a cardio workout (not a hump and grunt workout).

Currently the first 5 on my Ipod are:

Play Hard (David Guetta)

Insomnia (Faithless)

For an Angel (Paul van Dyk)

Love Runs Out (OneRepublic)

Make Me Feel Good (Jazzy)

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  1. Silence
  2. Birds
  3. Wind
  4. Breathing
  5. Footsteps

Did I mention I like to run?


I usually listen to sports talk radio when working out. That said, Rage against the machine is great when lifting.

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i like full albums when riding my bike, gives me a sense of time when the album is over

houdini, melvins
the fat of the land, prodigy
music for the jilted generation, prodigy
a change of seasons, dreamtheater
far beyond driven, pantera

I spend about an hour on the physical fitness most mornings. This is my current go-to but really any non-shitty hour long mix that doesn’t get interrupted by ads does me fine.

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what is this “gym” you speak of? :thinking:


Pump Up The Jam on repeat.


The Fat Boys - All you can eat
Heavy D and the Boyz - The Overweight Lover’s in the House.
Chubb Rock - The Chubbster


Hell yes Chubb Rock!

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Jock Jams, Volumes 1-4 :muscle:

running and cycling: no music, no headphones
cycling indoors on the trainer: usually no music, sometimes hip hop/jazz, very occasionally technical training videos
gym: no headphones, whatever dumb classic rock station is playing

Cycling/skating: a random playlist.
Gym: something like Amon Amarth is perfect for making your muscles and your beard grow faster. They’re quite boring in any other context though.

One time i listened to moya by Godspeed you black emperor on the treadmill and had this whole epic voyage of being on a spaceship and having an engine failure and crash landing on a planet. I don’t really remember it was long ago.

I don’t go to gyms often but i love hyphy music and do calisthenics etc. DJ Rashad, Sophie, Danny Harle. When i was younger i worked out to Ampere, suis la lune, lots of Italian screamo.

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Céline Dion - My heart will go on
Coldplay - Viva la vida
Cardi B - WAP
Aya Nakamura - Djadja
Angèle - Balance ton quoi

…That way I’m sure to not work out and keep on playing Dorfromantik while eating chocolate.


Anything by Tool
Trap / Dub Step

Tool’s Fear Inoculum is great for distance running

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I swim an hour a day before work, 5 days a week. Unfortunately I get whatever is being piped through the PA.


Communique - prick
Wrecking ball - barkmarket
Hooker with a penis - tool
Steamroller - pigface
Deer dance - system of a down

Basically heavy music from when I was fifteen - for some reason - keeps me going!

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