Software to cast Elektron screen on a computer

@Ess we’ve all seen how you fetch the DN screen live on a computer for your livestreams. You mentioned that’s a piece of DIY software you use at elektron to make screenshots for manuals.

Is there any chance you release this software in the future?

It goes without saying the amount of content creation avenues something like this could unlock - from creative animations, livestreams, tutorial and even dynamic stage graphics… what do you think?


Quite interested in this too.

Kind of related a video output on the next flagship device would be nice…

I think it is possible to hardware hack a video output from the OLED using a FPGA like the Gameboy DMG VGA mod, but I am not brave enough to attempt it, the other option is to have a dedicated camera looking at the screen, like for example some of the youtubers do.


What I’m busy with in the moment is actually drawing particular screens and icons from the UI into illustrator so I can later use them as material for some motion design experiments. However, getting a screen feed is an entirely different and realistic approach.

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I am quite sure, that there is no screen capture going on from the device to the computer. That would take up too much processing power. either they just send the same data, that gets send to the display to the pc and their software renders it I to it’s own image or they us the data, that the overbridge devices send to the vst to sync up with the device and again, render it themself into an image. First would need a special firmware, second should be possible to be reverseenginered :wink:

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I don’t think it’s special fw, because he is actually playing music while this is happening, so most probably is the overbridge data as you describe it.

With @Ess departing from Elektron, I wanted to revive this topic to see if we can find out if anything is planned for releasing this tool first seen in Ess’s Twitch streams. After all, it’s a win-win for Elektron as YouTube video tutorials will be dramatically improved - even those with a dedicated camera trained on the screen can suffer from the occasional table wobble or hand over screen situation. Has anyone sent in a feature request for this yet?


One could only hope it sees the light of day

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Have you sent in a feature request? If not, I can do it now :slight_smile:

Edit: done :white_check_mark:

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:thinking: :smiley_cat: …would it be of any use for other machines out there too?

…just thinking aloud here…

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I would love this feature for sure, just imagining the OP-1 screen on a bigscreen sounds like fun!

I also vote that I want this as well.