Soloing tracks in ableton with erm multiclock plugin

This is on the e-rm multiclock FAQ page:

"Is it possible to Solo a track in Ableton Live while maintaining sync with the Audio Sync plugin?

Sure, just configure the output of the multiclock plugin as an External Audio Effect to exclude it from the soloing behavior."

Can anyone please show me how to do this?


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Just place the external audio effect behind the multiclock vst in the chain. Then select on the external audio effect (Audio to) where you want to send the audio clock signal.

see here


Many thanks knh!


Bumping this thread up as Iā€™m struggling with the same issue ā€” but when I use the method above (adding external audio effect) it is bringing all of my timing off the grid ā€” see photo here.

Adjusting latency on either the External Audio Effect device or applying Track Delay do not affect timing.

Any ideas?

You can add the free plugin Voxengo Latency Delay before the External Audio Effect plugin and dial in the track delay you need. Works for me. Make sure you have latency compensation turned on in ableton.