Solved: sending Midi Notes to the Octa

I’m trying to create arpeggios using the MPC One’s pad perform and then record the notes within Octa (slave). However, I’m noticing a behavior where the MPC is sending signals to the Octa that triggers other functions, in this example, activating the other tracks each time the arp resets. What am I doing wrong?

What should the appropriate settings be for me just to trigger notes, the clock, and nothing else?

Your help will be much appreciated, thank you in advance. :heart:

Sending Midi Notes to the Octatrack, and triggering functions.

Try changing [ Project > Midi Settings > Audio Note In ] to [ Off ]

PS: What OS are you on, as different between OSv1.25/OSv1.3 and OS1.4


Let me try that out and will update you if that works.

Re FW:

  • Octa 1.40A
  • Mpc 2.10

After a few experiments, I’m realizing that the arp notes should be contained and limited within the OTs allowable octave (I think starting from C5-C7).

If there are notes triggered by the arp that are out of that range, then they start triggering other functions on the Octa.

Turning off Audio Note In to Off will not let me trigger midi notes from the MPC to the OT, thus not triggering the samples.

I hope there was a button, a way to not allow non C4-C6 notes from “getting” into the OT, either from the MPC or the OT.

Refer p137 for valid the Octatracks Midi Mapping as it relates to Midi Notes. Note (pardon the pun) that this can be different depending on the tracks Trig Mode (p68)

The Octatrack has a sample playback range of 2 octaves. Midi note numbers [ 072 | 084 | 096 ] will trigger the sample at [ -12 | 0 | +12 ] respectively.

Sending a different midi note will do something completely different, e.g. sending note number 33 (A1) will stop the Octatracks Sequencer.

PS: There is no universal standard for midi notes. The Octatrack believes that C3 is Note 48. Other devices think C4 is Note 48 etc.

You want a 3rd party bit of hardware for that. like a bome box or something, or just deal with it.


Yes! Your reply is much appreciated!

Thank you so much for pointing these out! I’m here to deal with it so this information is really helpful. I’ll be mindful of the notes (and the note numbers they’re assigned to) when using an external hardware to help with my arp needs.

PS. Making sure I go through p137 of the manual. I haven’t delved into CC on any of my hardware so this is proving to be really helpful at least for talking to my OT. <3

While not a button, there is a “Chromatic” MIDI Note mapping for audio tracks that disactivates the OT’s response to incoming MIDI Notes outside the two-octave range intended for sample playback. You can use that note mapping on any individual track.

There is no need to buy additional equipment.


That restricts everything else though as well no? (On that channel at least)

@TatakTekno Listen to @PeterHanes, he knows the Octatrack.

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Oooh, this might be what I’m looking for. Let me look up how to do that properly. It should be in the manual somewhere. You are a gem, thank you. :zap:

Again, you are the best, thank you! Sat down for a few minutes, read up, applied, and it worked like you said. :zap: