Some pads not playing chromatically

The bass drum is playing the same pitch on all 48 pads in chromatic mode and I can find nothing in the manual to explain why this is happening.

Sometimes if the bass drum is tuned too low, usually below -12 semitones, you won’t be able to hear any pitch difference because it’s below the threshold for human hearing. Also, if the hold parameter is too short, there won’t be enough time for your ear to register any pitch and you’ll just hear the transient.

no the pitch just isn’t changing. I’ve assigned a dual oscillator to the pad and pitched it high but all pads are playing the same pitch in chromatic mode.

Bizarre. Have you tried recalibrating? In system settings, there is a calibrate option which retunes and resets the oscillators.

I haven’t tried that yet. I’ll give it a go.

I just recalibrated but it’s still the same.

If you hit function+mute to bring up the sound options, there is an option for sound settings. There is a chromatic setting that can be set to off, synth, sample, or synth+sample. Make sure it’s set to any option other than off.

Also, there was a new firmware update released about a week ago. Maybe that has something to do with it.

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OK thanks, that seems to have shifted the problem.
I don’t know why the bass drum was playing fixed pitch though, it was a fresh kit.
I’m still having quite a struggle navigating this machine.