Something like the 1010 Blackbox for tabletop live looping


For a while now I’m trying to incorporate a looper for guitar into my synth setup.

I have a Boss RC-500 which I tried to use but it mangles the audio badly unless the MIDI clock is absolutely jitter-free.

It is also annoying to use because I cannot map saving a recording to MIDI for example and I don’t want to have to mess with a pedal on the floor when I’m trying to play music.

There are other looper pedals but they all seem to be limited in one way or another, mostly by the number of tracks or MIDI control.

Most of them were also made to be operated on the floor (except the beatboxer pedals from Boss) and I would prefer something that is on my table.

Then I found the 1010 Blackbox.

It seems to support what I want to do with it: use it as yet another instrument that is following clock and transport from a sequencer.

It would allow me to make recordings, align the start of the recording itself with the tempo of my project, either control the playback of the recorded loops from a MIDI sequencer or just arrange it into a song.

I use a few Electron boxes and now with the song mode, I quite like the workflow where I build the “just-drums” version of my song on my Syntakt/Digitakt and I build the “just-synth” version of my song on my Digitone.

Having another box where I can create the “just-guitar” version of my song would fit just right in.

Before I pull the plug, I’m wondering if there is a box out there that does what I described above and not much more, for less money.

BB does it but it’s more button presses for each loop than I’d like unless you drive it with a launchpad mini/pro. They could fix that in firmware (tho their relationship with feature requesters on their forum looks a bit brittle sometimes!)

From the videos I’ve seen it’s just tap the pad and press record. Is it not?

Is it perfect no, but i quite like my aeros looper check it Meet the Best Looper Pedal: Aeros Loop Studio – Singular Sound

It’s more expensive than the Blackbox though.

Depends where you”re looking for each box i guess, i see the aeros for 600 and the bb for 650 in the us. Im not familiar with the bb either. Just wanted to throw that recommendation out there. The aeros can record 6 parts and each part has 6 tracks most of the parameters can be midi assigned too. Designed to be a pedal but…

If you have an iOS device you could give Loopy Pro a go.

If you want to eg erase and re record it’s more effort without launchpad.

I’m looking at prices in Sweden. The Blackbox I can find for about 7200 SEK in a Swedish store.

The Aeros looper doesn’t seem to be available here and my next option would be Thomann. The price there is about 7600 SEK and if I ever have to warranty it then I have to ship it to Germany.

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I read the manual and here is how I think the recording would work:

  1. Press Pad button
  2. Tap on a pad on the grid
  3. Press record button

I’m assuming that I can create a template project where I can set up all the pads to be what I would most likely want them to be, so I would only have to change the recording length before I can press record.

That would be 1 tap on the screen and 2 button presses.

Is this how it works?

When it comes to clearing a pad, I need to tap it, then turn the bottom right knob until the clipboard menu appears and tap on the clear pad option.

Recording again would be pressing Info and then Rec again.

I don’t have a Blackbox but I do have a Bitbox Micro

It works super easy and fast

You can set it up to record a loop in a couple of presses like you describe.

You can stop a loop just by pressing it. And go to another (or the same) pad to record a new one.

It’s very intuitive and - at least to me - asks very little brainspace (why I could never use an OT live for looping)


Using a midi controller is also nice. You can set it up that 1 button per pad does it all.

First press is record.
Second press is clear pad.

In pad options you can choose to play as soon as recording is done. And you can specify lengths for recordings. You could even set different sequencer lengths to do 3 step recordings or 5 step recordings etc. It’s pretty neat.

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These days I loop with Ableton. It can use a floor switch, or a Push 2, which is actually excellent. Even better might be a Launchpad Pro with a MIDI controller that has knobs or similar, for easy adjustment of parameters.

You can either record into session clips, or use the Looper device, which takes a bit of getting used to, but then is solid. No problems saving clips, either.

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Haven’t tried, nice idea

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By the way, one thing I don’t know if the BB can do it is overdubbing. You’d just use another pad. Not something I use. But if it’s something important to your way of looping, double check this

There is nothing mentioned about overdubbing in the manual so I suppose I would have to make several recordings on several pads and then resample them if I want to “print” two tracks as one.

With the amount of pads I would have I think I could live without overdubbing.

I do have a Launchpad with a few custom mode pages unused. I will dig more into the manual to see what sort of control I can do with that.

I think something on iOS would be the only cheaper option than a Blackbox to give you as many loops and flexibility, provided you already had an iPad and interface.

Other advantages to the BB in this case are the three outputs (if you want to send different loop to different places after the fact), the fact that yeah you can have one or more looping setups saved as a preset template. But also, BB makes it very easy to grab any of the files from a looping session and arrange them into something after the fact, if that’s your thing.

I ended up finding a good deal from a store that had one used, with a Decksaver, and I went with it. It cost me 4500 SEK, or for those who are used in USD prices without sales tax, about 330 USD.

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