Something rattling around inside my new Vermona Perfourmer MKII

Hey folks, I just received a brand new Vermona Perfourmer MKII from Noisebug in L.A. There’s something really small loose and rattling around inside the unit, like a nut or something. I wonder if maybe a screw came off a PCB during shipping or something.

My question is: what should I do? I haven’t tested the synth yet, but I imagine it will play just fine. I’m worried that it’ll be one of those things where down the road something more major happens because of it. Or maybe I shouldn’t worry about it? It feels extreme to return it. I’ve been so excited for it to arrive :frowning:


If it was me i would return it.

Call or email the shop you bought it from and see what they say. Maybe they have another one in stock or can order another one from Vermona.

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Return it and get a Motas-6 instead!

send them a video, and ask for partial refund. You will get 50usd and a free screw.

Jokes aside, its easy to open and check, it is an analog device. If it would be warranty-void to open it, than the best would be to return.

Since it is a rugged analog machine the chances of something being wrong with loose screw is small but there is a possibility of making a short on the board with it.


Yes I assumed it would be voiding warranty to open and investigate, but defintely worth calling the vendor to see if they can do a swap over, or some kind of process where this one could be opened and inspected at the shop without voiding warranty.

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Yes, i thought of this too. UGGGHHHH, I guess i’m going to see if they will swap it or order one from Vermona. I have the feeling this was their last one in stock. They’re kind of hard to come by right now. It took me a while to track down this one.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. It makes me feel better to know that I’m not the only one who would be bothered by this.

Ha, you plug the Motas as often as I do Boomstars!

Haha not me, you’re thinking of @Petajaja Doug. I want to own one though, just a matter of time!

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I have checked and no screw is warranty-sealed, so there might be a safe chance to fix it yourself and get some partial refund from the shop. Some devices are made to be cleaned inside and they do not make a big deal about the warranty, specially in the EU.

With analog stuff its usually like: if it works it is not broken. If you fry a chip then you would know, so I would say it is safe to fix it yourself, if of-course the warranty would stay.


Its the ghost of techno

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Its easy to take off the sides and tilt it. Shine a flashlight, etc.

Edit: Scratch that, actually I was thinking of the wood sides I put on mine. Hmmm, don’t remember if its easy to open.

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I am guessing that it might be a drop of solder from the production

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looks like you have to remove at least 6 screws on the top sides, and 5 at the back


Must be aggravating for the OP.
Stuff shifts during transport.
Screws come loose, LCDs get purple in cold UPS warehouses, etc.

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I would just crack it open and see what the fuss is. likely just something came loose in transit. better to find it now than have it cause a short later. I’ve had this happen to all sorts of gear. from Sequential to Moog, and even our dear sweet Elektron.

the above stuff is all very well made. and I’d rank Vermona just as high or higher in build quality. however, the unfortunate fact is that shipping companies do not baby our gear like we would like. well, that and:

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Maybe they tossed some spare change in there? Kind of like a rebate?

Joked aside, I would send it back for a replacement. I don’t like feeling like I got a lemon.

I’ll take a look at it and see if i’m brave enough. I’ve never cracked open a synth before and it just doesn’t feel right to do so on a brand new unit. But maybe it’s time. Thanks for checking on this.

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Thanks everyone, i’ll keep you posted what unfolds.

I had exactly this with my Buchla Easel Command when it landed about 3 weeks ago. After waiting for one for so long & knowing I was going to be opening it up at some point to fit the USB Host board anyway, I thought it was worth taking a peek

Glad I did - it was just a single loose screw - probably not been fully tightened… I spotted one was missing from the reverb tank straight away. Popped it back in, fired it up & all was good.

I think if you can tell ( from the sound) that’s it’s clealy just a single screw, or nut, or washer…& not a tonne of destroyed internal components …& you can open it easily ( in such a way it’d be impossible to tell you’ve opened it up ) then it’s always worth a quick look…IMHO anyway

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