Sometimes it just will not sample

I love my Octatrack. But sometimes it just refuses to sample and instead just samples silence. Today, I have my iPhone hooked up to input C of the OT and I’m trying to sample it. Light C at the top is flickering in time with the signal coming out of the iPhone and if I turn up inputs C/D in the mixer I can hear it all nice and perfect. In the Audio Record settings, input is set to C+D and record is set to hold. I’m recording to R1 and R1 is assigned to Track 1.

This is correctly set up.

But when I press (and hold) Record nothing but silence. Sometimes this thing just does my head in.

Anyone ever get this? Any solutions?

So after messing around, I changed the mode to ONE2 and placed a TRIG onto Step 1 and pressed play. This started sampling and viola audio was recorded.

So my question now becomes, how come HOLD doesn’t record but placing a trig and pressing play does record? This is what I use 99% of the time, but when I’m sampling single hits from a synth on my iPhone I just want to do it manually and simply press the record button and let go when the sound has finished.

Digging deeper, I can’t get HOLD to sample anything even if the sequencer is running. Additionally, if I place a REC TRIG on Step 1 it will always record when it’s triggered even if it’s in HOLD mode (ie: not ONE or ONE2).

Seriously confused. I don’t know if this is a bug, me being stupid or both / non-at all. Urgh.

(Edit: I swear HOLD has worked in the past)

are you sure that you press the correct record - button (C…D not A…B) ?
also set input to C in recording setup menu when just using C-input.
you can open the edit menu while sampling, so you can check if the ot records someting.

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Have you deactivated RECORD QUICK MODE in your PROJECT > SYSTEM > PERSONALIZE menu settings?

are you sure that you press the correct record - button (C…D not A…B) ?

This is the answer I was after. I’m so used to recording with A / B inputs that today with something connected to input C/D I forgot to press the other red button.

Conclusion - User Error :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for the help!


you are welcome,
kind of embarrassing to admit, but i had that same “problem” some weeks ago, though using the ot for 2 and a half years now.
in my defense - it took me only 2 or 3 minutes to find the bug - still embarrassing :thinking:

I had a related moment recently…

I switched my config to resample internal track via SRC3 but forgot that manual recording is started with the midi button, not the record buttons. In setup I could see the recorder spinning but no sound was captured since I’d changed inputs. /facepalm