Sometimes pad-lights not blinking as their respective sounds are triggered in MUTE/SCENE/PERF mode


When one switches to MUTE/SCENE/PERF mode, the pads blink as their respective sounds are triggered. On my AR MKI, For some reason, sometimes the pads don’t. If i remove all trigs in the affected track (tracks where the pads do not blink in these modes), and enter them again by playing the pads, they blink allright in the three modes. If i adjust the microtiming they stop blinking in the 3 modes… But only in one of these 3 modes.

When i’m NOT in one of these 3 modes, they do blink as expected. So this is not hindering me from playing nor having fun, i just have this feeling i might be missunderstanding something. Because it doesn’t happen in all my patterns.

I hope this make sense. The closest thread i found is this: Lights out (of sync) Analog Rytm But it is not the same issue i have: when they work, they are in sync.

Anyone could help me understand this phenomenon?

hmm. interesting.
I think i might have found some kind of bug. I had naturaly tried rebooting and such. However, I remembered the trigmute thing, and looked into it.
I look at the trigmutes of an affected track. Everything is fine: step leds are dim.
I press the dim step leds, they become fully lit. But the sound isn’t muted.
I press them again, the led become dim again. Now the pads light trigger allright.
I press the dim step leds again: now they do mute the trigg.

From here on everything is normal… But I will keep it in check and repport my observations back if it happens again.

EDIT: for the record (pun intended) i’m running OS 1.31b

hi, similar here. OS 1.31b MK1. it is happening only when using New Blood kits. Reported here, didn’t get an answer:

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Interesting, i don’t use new blood, but now that you mention, i noticed this behaviour right after i uploaded 2 samples to it with c6. Maybe it’s related to samples…?

i dont use samples :slight_smile: and new blood is synthesis only

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Did you try remedy it by enabling disabling the dimed trigs in the trigmute track? Would be interesting to see if that was just me having luck with the elektron gods or something consistent.

I’m having this problem as well. First noticed it on 1.45, and still happening on 1.45B. It’s just like you described, not on every pattern, no trig mutes, etc.