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So after doing everything I could to treat my room (I just put in a bunch of 8.5-15.5" acoustic panels etc.) I still was not happy with the low end response (i.e. everything 40-200hz still sucks), so I decided to just give Sonarworks a try and holy crap it is a lot better now (both listening and measurements in REW including waterfall plots etc.). I am definitely not going to be mixing without it anymore. However, it is kind of annoying that I have to be running everything through my computer to use it (especially since I compose mostly dawless). Also, when I switch to headphones I have to remember to turn it off. Is there any sort of hardware box that runs the Sonarworks dsp that can go between my mixer and my studio monitors? I heard that the new Adam A series monitors can run Sonarworks in the monitors, but I have never really liked Adam monitors, are there other monitors that do this as well?

I don’t know how they compare… but the iLoud MTM monitors have a DSP calibration system (calibration mic included). I just bought a pair but I won’t have them for a while (I live in Argentina, a friend of mine is bringing them over, probably next month).

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I asked support about this and they recommended Merging Anubis

It’s a bit out of my price range though

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I’ve looked at it before, and it looks like a nice box but it’s a bit too pricey for me. I hope someone comes up with a cheaper version. Honestly, Sonarworks themselves should cook something up. A standalone headphone amp/monitor controller that allows you to switch between a few saved reference profiles would be perfect. And make it auto-switching. If I turn on the headphones, the headphone profile is activated, and If I switch on the monitors, then the monitor profile is playing.

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Looks nice, thanks for recommending it, but I think until I totally nail down my studio workflow for like a year and know exactly how it would fit in with everything it is a bit expensive.

@holdmybeer Yeah, I am surprised nothing from Sonarworks.

I am hoping there is not much of a shock when going from composing to mixing (where there is like a 10db bass cut because of Sonarworks), but we will see…

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I was hoping to put together a small arduino unit + interface but there is no longer Linux support

The new Adam AxV range seems like the best option if you are in the market for new monitors too. I recently got new monitors so that’s not really a realistic option for me

Yeah, I have a pair of footprint 02s, I could sell them and buy something else, but I would have to be really desperate because I love those monitors.

I’m also trying to think about how I could rearrange the studio to get the monitors further away from the front wall, but doing anything would be a nightmare at this point. As bad as moving into an entirely new studio. And then maybe I would end up with SBIR problems afterward that can’t be fixed with eq.

I’m sure you have thought of this and it probably doesn’t help, but I thought I should try in case…
A subwoofer did wonders for me for this. You reality can focus it better and obviously mix the levels better. I think even studios with huge reference monitors can benefit from a seperate sub really.

For my headphones I used the Sonarworks Correction, ran a sinewave sweep through it with REW (free software for room treatment) and applied what this had done to the parametric EQ of my RME DAC. Of course it‘s limited to 5 bands, but the result is quite astonishing, don‘t know why it wouldn‘t work with speakers as well.

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This is actually really good advice. The more I deal with studio acoustics the more I realize that full range monitors really don’t make much sense. It really is pretty much impossible to get them in a good position (for example wall distance is a tradeoff between SPIR causing nulls and peaks and acoustic loading causing a bass buildup).

Genelec has monitor with dsp corrections. I love my 8330 and 7350 monitor and sub combo.

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I was actually looking at some genlecs with a sub this morning ;-)…

Thru have the added benefit of being able to guage your bass better, for instance, if you have a commercial radio song you like that has the bass emphasized like a Tupac song or something, you can use that to get the monitors tell where the bass is hitting how you like, then you can mix your tracks with that amount of bass as a reference, if that makes sense.

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Well I ended up with a pair of Genelecs with a subwoofer, thanks for the recommendations everyone.

So far I have been really impressed. For anyone one else wanting room correction the genelecs are amazing. Calibrating the monitors was so easy, you don’t have to set up anything manually, you don’t even need them connected to your audio interface! Just connect the network cables from the GLM box to the monitors, put the mic in the listening position, hit calibrate and it does everything. Even adjusting the phase of the sub, calibrating output level to a reference spl, etc. Then store the calibration to your monitors and you’re done. It even emails you a 35 page room acoustic data evaluation pdf with all kinds of interesting and useful info on the acoustics of your room afterward.

It makes me feel like I had been mixing in The Stone Age before lol.

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Congratulations! Which did you get?

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I got a pair of 8341a’s and a 7360a sub. I think they are going to be my forever monitors unless I win a Grammy or something and really get to go wild.

Nice! Only reason i would change my setup would be to upgrade to bigger Genelecs. The sound i get now is awesome, but i cant play super loud. And sometimes i want to do that. hehe. Not useful for mixing though.

With your setup playing loud shouldnt be a problem. :slight_smile:

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