"Song mode" Digitakt

In regards to there being a lack of Song mode on the Digitakt, can I use the Octatrack to run my patterns in Songmode and control the Digi through MIDI?
So Octa will be running A01, A02, A03, B01 chained in a sequence and the Digi will be able to receive the program changes and follow the pattern changes?

I think it lags by one pattern on the DT

That is poor news indeed, I hope it will be addressed in the future :slightly_frowning_face: .

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I didn’t get round to testing it before it was returned, but I do recall reading about it in another thread.
Best do a search to make sure?

Yeah there’s a bug, Digitakt lags making pattern changes when slaved to another machine. Hopefully the fix for it is coming

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I don’t have any issues using the mnm to trigger the dt.

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You are lucky then. It’s a known bug. When receiving program changes messages for pattern change the digitakt lags behind one bar. It’s been discussed quite a bit in other threads.

I too have my monomachine connected to my digitakt. Not sure what you mean specifically by trigger but the pattern change bug is there when I use electron sync to keeps pattern in sync. Others have reported it as well. Another user is having trouble slaving the DT to his OT for the same reason.

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Yes i have this bug. We need instant / direct pattern changes to let DT work with other boxes


I know that the OT has issues with receiving program changes (something about it not sending them until after a pattern change).

As for the DT, as long as I set the change length to the appropriate setting (e.g. 64 steps) then the DT changes right on the money.

I agree though, I’d rather have direct jump in the DT to change patterns immediately, similar to the AR.

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Hmm I’m gonna have to try that when I get home from work today.
So you saying if I keep everything 64 steps across the board the DT will stop lagging if the monomachine is sending the pattern change message?

I know people using ableton have been reporting this bug too.

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Changing patterns with program changes really only works reliably if the program change message is received before the pattern restarts.

This is not new and not a Digitakt issue.

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I know what you are referring too but this bug is different. This is actually a confirmed issue with the digitakt.

Additionally, Monomachine is quite different because it can send multiple program changes per pattern. But the problem here even occurs when using elektron sync across elektron devices. This is where you change patterns on one box and the patterns automatically changes on the other. When the digitakt is slaved to the monomachine a delay happens when switching patterns in my case. With the monomachine slaved to the digitakt patterns switch just fine.

you can set it to whatever, but I do 64 steps because that’s how long the pattern is on the monomachine.

sometimes I’ll do two steps if I want it to be somewhat immediate, but that’ll kind of throw it off since it’ll be two steps behind.

what would be ideal as if there was just a setting in the change length parameter to set it to direct / immediate.

FWIW, I have some of the same thoughts/objectives about using Digitakt live (with guitar and voice) as OP. With firmware 1.06 I was able to connect a MIDI cable from out to in of the Digitakt and change patterns using MIDI triggers in the penultimate pattern step to queue up the next Digitakt pattern. So this will work if your song has 16 or fewer patterns. I also thought of the KMI SoftStep as a way to trigger live. Hadn’t thought of using the TC Helicon to control the Digitakt but I can see how this could work. My interest of the Digitakt over OT mk II was cost, ease of use, waveform view when editing trigs, size, (future) software support, and some comments I’ve read regarding superior sound quality–though I haven’t A/B’d them.


Or it could just respond to pattern change like a normal MIDI instrument, and I wouldn’t have to reinvent the songwriting wheel…

or the result could be that your music sounds like it was made on an Elektron box


The Digitakt is a sampler.
It literally plays any sounds you possibly can have recorded, and can arrange them. It can sound like anything you want…

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Really? Last time I checked, the DT says “Drum Computer” on it. There’s very very few drum machines out there (even most of the cheapest ones) that don’t have some type of a song mode.


I’m sure it will eventually come as a type of chain mode. Really early on Simon communicated that they wanted to make the Chain-mode a viable alternative to song mode. I’m sure it will be good enough though they have been taking their time… Saying it wasn’t designed for this stands in opposition to what Elektron has communicated them self…

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I sincerely hope this is the case.

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haha, so i didn’t experience the one pattern length late triggering because i’m using a multiclock and have it set so it doesn’t start for a bar…so maybe that was fixing it.

anyhoo, the issue looks fixed with the latest update, 1.07.

“Pattern change occurred one pattern length to late after receiving a Program Change message from other Elektron device.”