Songs with different tempo

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What kind of options are there for executing smooth tempo changes between songs? I don’t think tempo is stored anywhere, but I could be wrong…

I know I could do a synth drone or of course end the song and start a new one. But I’m curious what other strategies and tricks may have been conceived of.


I’ve done a lot of thinking on this too, and my favorite solution would be a second octatrack.

Now, before you freak out, just think of the CDJs - they’re also about $1200, and you’d never think of doing a gig with just one of them.

You could get a CDJ (or similar) and run it into a mixer with the OT, and make nice transition tracks burned to CD to play while loading, this is a cheaper option.

But mirrored octatracks would be mighty sexy…

2 cents given!

You can save tempo using the arranger. You do not need to perform in arranger mode. Just assign the patterns where you need a tempo change. You can jump from Arranger to Pattern Mode and back on the fly.

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@Andrew Nast: 2 Octatracks? But I can barely handle one of them! I have that, and a Tempest to manage already. I think it’s’ something I just have to work into the song somehow.

@StinkyBeat: Interesting idea, so you’re saying I could use the arranger to store patterns with their desired tempo and then just invoke the arranger as a shortcut to load the pattern with it’s desired tempo? That could be helpful. I’m hoping to avoid abrupt shifts in tempo so I would probably want to use it while the sequencer is stopped. Kind of like a “setlist”.

What I have done in some cases is either filter the master down to the point where I just have a pumpy kick sound, slow it down way down beyond where I need it to be, then raise the tempo back up stopping where I aim to go and using that as a transition into the next tune. Another option is to have a synth pad or something that sustains beyond the stoppage of the sequencer, then switch patterns/tempo and start the sequencer back up again.

I think my problem was two fold -

  1. How to recall patterns with tempo

  2. Performance tricks to shift between songs with two tempos

I got ideas for solutions to each problem from both answers so thanks for that!

For those who want to mix between samples/tracks with different tempi (not quite what natrixgli wants, i’m afraid), here is an experimental patch i made for Puredata/MobMuPlat:

EDIT: removed broken link. Will post new one asap.

This is a preliminary version, documentation and performance will be improved gradually. Read the readme file carefully –
Not recommended for OT beginners.

up !

old thread, any new ideas?

For me the Arranger is the best solution.

Any particular problem with it for you ?
Otherwise, sync Octatrack to another sequencer having tempo per pattern, program changes send. An MPC for example.


no, not really. the arranger is probably my solution, i just noticed that this is a rather terse thread and thought i’d fish for other solutions. thanks for the reply

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I didn’t practice enough to confirm Arranger is very convenient for that ! I plan to use OctaEdit for songs per project management so I think I’ll use OctaEdit for arrangements too.

Experiences are welcome !

Just in case you aren’t aware, you can hold function while you change the tempo and that way the clock won’t change until you release the function button… It’s not automatic but with good timing can work…