Sound messed up

hey there.
somehow i messed up one of my sounds in my a4.
it sounds like a fast lfo on the filter frequenzy. but all 4 lfo DEP are centered at 0.
shouldnt this do the trick?

any ideas?

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Fast PWM on one or both of the osc?

ok. somehow solved… i assigned both lfos target to none.
but shouldnt the lfos do nothing if DEP is set to 0???

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Unless the second page of lfos are modulating the speed parameter of the first?

strangly not… but thanks for the inputs! :slight_smile:

the performance knobs can have influence on LFO depth… also could be some FX track stuff happening

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Also even though the depth might be “0”, there are actually values between 0 and 1 that are interpolated. This minimal amount could influence your sound. Been there myself.

Best way to get depth to absolute 0 is to press FUNCTION when you turn the knob and make sure the display reads “(0)”.