Sound Pool Question

Is is possible to start a new project with a default sound pool containing 128 sounds?
Or a fast way to import all sounds into the pool when creating a new project?

Start a fresh project, load your sound pool, save…
Use that a template/starting point by loading that instead of create new, after making changes save as new…
You could also include other project settings like midi and whatever you always want basically the same.

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How do i know if a tracks sound is in the sound pool or +drive? is there some kind of visual feedback? Or do i have to go into sound manager and check there?

only sound locks are from the pool - and this is just a numerical pointer to an index, it’s not ‘in’ the track - you can use a sound pool sound just as you might a +drive sound to load into the track(kit actually) but the following comment applies to both …

… a sound in the track is divorced completely from its origins -it may share sound design and a title, but it’s now on its own within the kit (the sound can be changed and the original sound can be deleted/moved etc) - if you want to source the origin you’ll have to hunt - a sound in a kit is not traceable backwards - best have a look through the many threads on kits to clear this concept up in your mind as it’ll help long term

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So sounds from the pool can be used both as sound locks and as a track sound, but sounds from the +drive can only be used at a tracks sound, right?

yep - but if sounds in the pool were re-arranged the sound-lock pointer would not make sense any more - whereas once a sound is in the kit (irrespective of origin) it is safe (if originals were trashed)

Personally I don’t find any value in pre-populating the sound pool.

The only reason to put a sound in the pool is so that it can be used as a sound lock.

As sound locks are used within gaps in existing tracks to add further sounds, these additional sounds would need to complement the existing track sounds.

I find it easier to use the sound manager to identify a suitable sound, whilst the pattern is playing the browsed sound can be played via the keyboard buttons, and then copy the sound to the sound pool (it will go into the first empty slot in the pool).

But you cant copy it directly when in sound browser can you? You have to go into the sound manager to do that?

Yes you are correct, I meant to say Sound Manager. I have amended my original post.

For me there’s a major one : Multi Map !

OK, but surely you are still populating the pool prior to knowing what sounds you want to use and what sounds sit well with each other.

Populating is boring. I’d love to be able to copy a plocked sound directly in the pool.
Press trig, select Soundpool slot, validate.

Is there a way to copy Soundpool only? With sysex maybe?


To be a bit more specific, i just want to find an effecive way of browsing thru a list of my own saved sounds only. As of now i have saved some sounds in the C bank which im using all the time. I.e Is it possible to rearrange the banks so that all my saved sounds can be in the A bank instead ? Or what is the fastest way of accessing my own saved sounds?

You can filter sounds by tag(s). I use this to see my sounds - the tag is called “mine”, I think?

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yep - backup by exporting and re-importing the banks with a sysex dump - I believe it’s also possible to copy on the unit if you have a clear bank spare to facilitate the juggling