Sound Pool RAM?

I understand how the +drive and RAM works.

BUTTT to use a sound from the sound pool (lets say as a single plocked hit) does the sound pools ‘sample’ need to be inside the RAM for it to work?

can I completely fill my projects RAM with samples and then still use ANY sound from the sound pool of which its underlying sample isnt present in the current projects RAM?

effectively giving me a lot of the +drive to work with as plocks even if my RAM is full??

From what I understand the sound pool memory is included in the 64mb but the number of samples is not, so you can have a full ram sample wise and have more in the sound pool providing the 64mb limit has not been reached.

nice answer, however it seems loading a sound pool item does take up a ram slot with the underlying sample. i guess i was hoping for access to the +drive memory via sound pool and plocking some extra samples maybe expecting some limitation (automation wise or something)

A sound is a sample + parameters so yes the sample must be loaded. If you have 5 sounds using the same sample however, it is only loaded once.

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Neither the Digitakt nor the Analog Rytm can stream audio from the +drive. Everything related to a project needs to be in RAM.

The Octatrack is the only Elektron device which can stream audio not in RAM (from its CF card).

does that cf card needs to be rated at a certain speed?

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That’s all specified in the manual.

at least 133x (~20MB/s) for both reads and writes

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