Anyone have thoughts on sound proofing a bedroom in an old house for a studio? We have a fair amount of road noise. I can spend $400 ish but I can’t put many holes in the wall or make any saw cuts. Thanks!

get a good pair of in ear monitors. you’re not going to block out much sound for $400.

maybe if you seal up any windows in the room w/insulation and foam and tape the seals w/duct tape it’ll help some. when i replaced the windows in my front room it got way quieter because they’re double layer glass w/an airgap.

if the house has good insulation then the windows may be the weak point.

if you’re recording using mics your best bet is to record when the road isn’t busy… so late night/early mornings i guess.

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I’ve built a few studios including a commercial facility back in 2012. Acoustics and sound isolation in general are the most difficult part. Gear is easy.

There are a lot of things that “seem to make sense” with acoustics and sound treatment/isolation that just don’t work the way you think they would.

Basically, there is no such thing as “soundproofing”. In order to reduce sound transmission in or out, you require mass or air gap, preferably both. Unless you’ve got a big enough budget to seal up the room with layers of drywall, or build a “room within a room”, you’ll never get close to any kind of useful isolation. That’s just the tough reality of physics.

This is it. Use your $400 for in-ears or some really good isolating headphones.

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You basically need a room within a room to be able to moderately soundproof your space. It’s extremely difficult and I don’t think it’s worth the hassle. I agree that a pro level closed back headphone is your best bet.