Sounds dropping out in live rec mode

Am I the only one this is happening to? Can it be a setting somewhere?
I’m in live rec mode, I record a kick drum first, then a snare or sometimes a kick and snare together then if I add something else like a tom or clap the kick drum drops out. This is just an example it doesn’t have to be a kick that drops sometimes it’s a tom.

Am I the only one? It’s a bit frustrating.
Is this a glitch? Anyone have an idea?

I’ve had sounds mistriggered in addition to something like you describe. Pretty sure these anomalies weren’t present on the earlier OSs. Need to suss out a way to reliably reproducing these for a bug report…

This has been an issue for me as well! Really frustrating. I find it is often a bass drum note that gets dropped, and it tends to happen when I’m live recording multiple instruments at once.