Spring reverb?

Ez, I’m after one :+1:

My choice was simple yesterday as I almost bought a vermona VSR3 but then bumped into those Carl Martin headroom pedals!? Any users of either here or maybe better suggestions?! Cheers. :slight_smile:


on of the more interesting units i’ve stumbled upon

Looking into the Vermona VSR3.2 at the moment.

Idea is to pair it as an effects send on the mixer with a Dynacord mini tape echo.

Any VSR users with some practical info about the unit?


Does it have to be real? The spring algorithm in the Strymon Big Sky is good, plus you get a ton of other reverbs for your money.

If you are modular the Intellijel Springray is a good one.

Don’t have it but the Retroverb sounds pretty good. There’s also the Strymon El Capistan too which is tape delay but also has a built in spring reverb emulation. You get a looper in there as well.

I would test the Retroverb before buying if possible. I have one and wish the spring reverb on it were louder and clearer. It is kind of murky and dull. Seems like it loses a lot of volume when switching over to mostly spring reverb, as opposed to using the filter. Maybe I am doing something wrong? The Retroverb is a strange beast. Can come up with a wide variety of sounds, the filter and drive are great for beefing up sounds, all very cool, but if I were after mainly spring reverb, would consider something else.

I also have the El Capistan and love it. The spring reverb is a secondary function but works nicely with the main delay functions. I’m very happy with it for my needs (dub techno, acid dub, etc.).

The Moisturizer spring reverb, while having very limited settings, sounds really, really good to my ears.

I don’t take it out to band rehearsals though because I’ve yet to figure out a way to transport it without fear of damage. The spring reverb is detachable and came in a cardboard tube that I’d probably used for transport, but the main unit still has those delicate connections to worry about.

Koma Field Kit FX has a spring reverb option - you have to buy the expansion pack to get the tank for the spring reverb…

Aren’t regular old spring reverb tanks like stupidly easy to build? And better yet, really, really cheap to buy? And yet here we are talking about $300+ pedals and fx units for one of the most simple sound FXs ever invented. I might totally be talking out my a$$ here too lol

I was in a similar situation looking into spring reverb for a live dub setup and recall this above being my conclusion after some research and asking around.

You get more than just the tank in the FX expansion kit.

On the one hand, you’re right, if you’re competent with building stuff and can spare the time, you could probably build everything in the kit yourself. Of course if you’re that good, you’re making all your own cables too.

OTOH, the one time I tried to solder a synth together from a kit, I had to have someone else redo all my soldering work - I’m that bad. I was one of the very last in the group to finish soldering too, before the group leader went and redid all my work in less than a minute.

I value my time as well as my material goods, so I include my time in calculating costs and that kind of stuff.

Granted. Granted. As I said I’m going on some foggy memories of trying to build a live dub setup.

I’m just look at assembled spring reverb tanks on eBay and they are like $25 dollars. I don’t know what all it takes to make one work with a synth setup. My guess is that it took some effort or I’d probably own one at that price hahaha.

The tanks seem like they are cheap and easy to come by. I’d bet the time sink is in circuitry around the tank. This thing is big! But is tube driven. $275. Looks like a fun build.


I love spring reverb and have tried a bunch chasing the sound I was after.

My favorite is still the Fender tube-driven 63 reverb tank (reissue in my case). I owned one, sold it, and bought another one back years later after deeply regretting my decision. I wish I had one of the old school black tolex joints, but both of the ones I have owned are the light brown reissues from the 90s. It pairs really well with my amp (70s silverface Vibrochamp).

My other favorite is the Strymon Flint. It has three nice reverb options and amazing trem.

The one I would someday like to try is the Topanga from Catalinbread. It sounds really nice in the videos I’ve heard.

Here’s another option for people based in Europe:


It’s a kit so you have to know a bit about soldering and tube tech. But at around 180€ with everything included it is quite a steal considering you’re getting a nice tube driven spring reverb with big transformers and all that.