Stand for A4

In my quest to maximize the limited space for my setup, I came across the Pioneer X-Stand T-U101.
I took a few pics to show how well the A4 sits on the tray (almost perfectly flush width).
There are three, fixed positions at increasing angles (pics at ‘lowest’ of the three).
I don’t have any other Elektron instruments, but I believe a 2nd box would fit nicely below the stand.
With the Monotribe for comparison, there is adequate space below the front edge of the stand. Due to the “X” design, the clearance under the front edge isn’t reduced at the greater angles. I’m using the lowest angle as a result of the space limitations between the pullout tray and the top platform of my desk.
The stand is metal and has small rubber caps on the feet. You can see the rubber/foam on the lip of the front edge. Between the feet of the stand, the nice fit and the feet of the Elektron on the metal tray, it feels very secure.
Thought it was worth sharing


I built some stand for elektron,
The pionner is good but is expensive
I can make a personal stand with your dimensions, in plexi wood or MDF

Your stands looks really nice. You are right about the Pioneer stand being expensive. I’m in the US, so it is a bit of a wash, compared to the price of your Stand 1 (plus shipping), but your stands do look great and are much more stable by design.

Thank you
I will work with DHL for lower prices for the US

Very nice.
I’ve avoided using side panels as all those I’d seen cover the air vents. Very pleased to see you’ve thought of this.

Mokonline are the Best Stands for Elektrons

here is my :slight_smile: with nice engraving

a while ago, i did a formulor/ponoko template for a stand. its a double one, but it is working quite well:

These Elektron stands avaliable online, check link below.

I’ve got two of these, really good stuff.