Stand to place Octatrack/Rytm so I can play them standing up in a gig?

I already have a two tier stand for my Octatrack and Rytm, but this is just for my music desk at home. I’m going to be gigging soon, and it would be amazing to be able to place the two tier stand on a stand of its own so that I can use the machines while standing up. Kinda like a keyboard has its own stand for gigs.

I don’t really know where to look, but some of you guys must be doing gigs in a band-type situation where there isn’t a ‘table’ to put Elektron equipment on.

Any ideas?
or this one

Why not just use an x stand with a wide board laid across the top? This approach should accommodate 2 or maybe 3 tabletop units and you’d probably still have room for a few effects boxes or a small line mixer, etc.

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That’s what i’m doing, piano x stand with board…enough place for OT,RYTM,A4,HEAT,keys and small mixer…


i do this:

The Rytm/OT stand is by ‘Thorn Holder’. Easy google/amazon search.

Pros: Cheap! Easy to get the perfect machine placement.
Cons: hard knob presses can disrupt the placement if you aren’t steadying the machine with your other hand. Could be modded to be more permanent though. Right hand knobs on Rytm a bit awkward to reach.


That second one looks awesome! Am thinking of maybe just an inexpensive laptop tripod stand in the short term, though. :slight_smile:

I’ve just been using a heavy Duty Keyboard Stand with the top of an old IKEA like table from one that someone threw out.

Easiest option- plus adjustable height and easy to take apart :smiley:

Because you NEVER go on a stage with an X-stand. Use one like these: piano-stand (musicstore)
I have a keyboard flight case where I put all my stuff in. This is my table during the gig. The stand can be adjusted to great height without loosing its stability. An x-stand is really horrible, do the math and you know why. :wink:

I hate pretty much all gear, but is there something especially crappy about x stands that I’m not aware of?


honestly an ironing board with the felt cover removed is the perfect height and stability for three elektron devices.

it actually looks pretty cool too.

also if you arrive early to the gig, could put the felt cover back on and do some ironing while waiting to play.


gotta look sharp!


In 20 years of gigging, I can’t say I’ve ever had a problem with any kind of professional keyboard stand with a board laid across it. Besides, if you happen to look like you’re ironing, that means you still look like you’re doing 4x more than the typical laptop performer, right? :cheeky:


one of these would fit two Elektrons side by side (not new MK2s tho)

It is a tabletop add on for an x stand.

I’m looking for something similar to use in a permanent setup at home. Something like this, but with two levels, would be perfect.

What did you end up getting (if anything)?

I used a regular keyboard stand with a wood shelf on top that I bought from Home Depot. The shelf was covered with a tablecloth that I bought from a thrift shop.