Standar price for an AR mk1 used?

Hello guys

checking what is the standar price for an AR mk1 used?


I’d imagine the location would be a factor…
Also some go for silly prices dictated by seller situation and need for cash!

thanks, Berlin based

ebay Kleinanzeigen. You know this site :wink: Plenty for sale though; everyone wants to get rid of it. 900 € to 1100 € as i’ve checked last.

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I love Berlin but I have no idea on the beatbox prices there!
Sure someone will chime in.
In the U.K. I see some stoic sellers asking for £900 still but realistically it’s as low as £750, not taking into account age of unit (warranty) sample packs etc.

If you are on the hunt maybe start a wanted thread, there are so many factors affecting price you could get lucky!

Only recently bought mine - mint with the screen cover intact, boxed with manual - for 700€, but that was exceptionally cheap. Normally they go for around 800-850 here up north.

thanks guys, actually planning to sell mine here in Berlin, will check around, thanks a lot

Why? It is awesome.

Because the MK2 is out and a vast majority of people only feels comfortable if they have the newest stuff - whether it makes sense … or not :wink:

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