Steinberg HALion 6

Anyone using the Steinberg HALion 6?

Saw a review with Nick and Gaz on recently:
and i i was very impressed with it’s various voice making abilities.

I’d love to hear others comments.

I have it, it is pretty vast (and you get Sonic with it as well free)

Being bale to sample in to it directly is very cool, makes it very fast top add a real instrument layer.

Its a bit weird when you first open it as the terminology is strange- you have start by making a ‘programme’ (bottom right) then adding ‘zones’, layers, midi stuff and buses.

Zones are where it all happens…each synth type is pretty much a full VST in its own right thst can be combined in one program with layers etc if desired.

  • synth zone- nice standard VA type thing
  • sampler zone - a powerful Kontakt like sampler/rompler
  • granular- a very powerful granular synth
  • wavetable- a nice wavetable synth (quite like Serum)
  • organ- standard organ/drawbar synth

It has an impressive mixer to put all this together as one sound with very impressive built in effects.

It has its own ‘instrument builder’ as well with GUI maker (drag and drop graphics). It makes instruments that run in the free Sonic hopefully this will challenge the Kontact instrument maker market (as anyone can do it and its free)

Its basically most of the VSTs and FX Steinberg have made all put under one interface (Reverence, Padshop etc) so good value (especially if you don’t have Cubase where a lot of this stuff derives from)

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how about bugs? read some alarming stuff on the Steinberg forums.

interested in halion because of the sampling abilities myself.

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It’s pretty stable for me, I haven’t had an issue. There was a bug fix update (over 80 fixes) a couple of weeks ago…there is a full free 30 day trail with the full content library so try it!


Here too. Usually Steinberg fixes most of the issues before you discover them. Halion6 is one of the most capable VST’s I have used in my DAW.

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Ok good to know.

It’s tempted me over the years. So too does Uvi’s Falcon. I should force myself to be happy with omnisphere 2 and Komplete 11 though!

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Yeah I also jumped the Omnisphere, Trillian and Keyscape bandwagon and it’s pretty amazing.

Been looking at Falcon as well but yeah, I’m more of a presets guy (with sample rompler libraries) and Spectrasonics has me covered for life…

Falcon looks kind of complex when looking at tutorials, and not in a good way.