Step Recording via Midi Keyboard Issue on new OS?

I just upgraded my Digitone OS and can’t get it to step record via a midi keyboard. I’m trying to step record via a midi keyboard, but when I press the midi note on the keyboard, the step does not advance, or record. Step recording works with the trig keys. I’m on the right midi channel, and can record onto the DT using the keyboard otherwise, so I know my midi works. Has anyone else got this to work? Am I missing something? Any input is appreciated.

Having the same issue with Digitakt.


I had no issues in beta. I’ll give it a go with my keystep tonight and see if anything has changed. I used the auto channel previously. have you tried that too?


It has to be on the Auto Channel as stated

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Thanks. What has to be on auto channel?

the midi keyboard you want to act like the internal one - that’s what auto channel is for

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OK, so the “auto channel” setting in the midi config needs to be the same channel as I’m using to send to the DT. Think I got it. Thank you.

you haven’t - the DN Auto Channel stays put (and unique)

you change the controller channel to match that unique channel

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Right. So my auto channel in the DT is set to 10. In Ableton I send the output of my midi controller to channel 10 and it seems to work.


This is stated in the manual, but not in the step recording section. IMHO it’s a little misleading too. As the OP noticed, the DN records incoming midi from an external controller just fine not using the auto channel, when a recording track is set to the same midi channel as the controller. It’s just that in step recording mode you need to use the auto channel. Actually I don’t see why this is necessary, and can see this potentially causing issues for some folks with complex setups who don’t want to use auto channel for various reasons (I happen to be one). Is there a reason it can’t just work the way it does in normal recording mode?

Yes, i’d imagine there is, but i have no issue with this - as far as i am aware it’s been like this for a long time - it’s not unique to this update either - doing so on grid mode prior to this step edit mode would have necessitated that too

if it’s not clear or understood or ideal then ask Elektron through the formal channels for documentation/support/features

From my perspective the advantages of Auto Channel are so very compelling (across all devices) that it’s how i set up my external controller and it works well, it’s second nature - for me the anomaly is that recording modes may work on the track channel - but the reasons why it is necessary for some modes have some basis in intuition for me, but if you want the official explanation (and you may not be provided any more detail) ask Elektron

Auto Channel is a way to get functionality of the device on a better controlling device - my advice is to use Auto Channels, it works well, set and forget