Step sequencers

what layout do all you folk prefer working on with sequencers? 16 straight steps, the 8 by 8 like digitakt or 4x4 or even circular style. Any others?

It doesn’t really matter one way or the other, if you ask me, tbh.

I love the 4x4 of nanoloop (and also pocket operators!). Very easy to visualise patterns.
Having said that though, I find them all pretty easy, 1x16, 2x8 etc.


2x8 like the digitakt is the greatest sequencer experience I’ve ever had

4x4 is quickest, 1x16 is easiest to visualise, 2x8 is ok too, circular actually I never liked.
Event list and tracker style are best for precision and overview of multiple parameters, sequential note entry (like 303 and 101 etc) are best for happy accidents or quasi random.
Shift register style are fun for experimental ideas that you’d never dream up intentionally.


Monotribe ribbon is also one of the sickest, and the step mute and length and active step allow tons of variation.


I like 1x16 best, but have also enjoyed 4x4 when I can go non-linear (Make Noise Rene). I do like the way Ableton Push handles this, with as many x8 as the pattern length.

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Please elaborate on this shift style. Is this like tempo change?

Also does anyone like the volca style touch strip interface

I prefer 1x16 but 2x8 and 4x4 are ok

A shift register type sequencer would be the Future Retro Zillion, Triadex Muse (which was the inspiration for the Zillion) and there are others in Euro too I’m sure.

Very interesting devices!

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Not so much personally, the Volcas use capacitive touch which for this purpose does not work as well as resistive touch which the Monotribe or most other ribbon controllers use.

1*16 + conditional trigs.

I prefer 1x16 with faders for each step, because I can see what the sequence is about.

I also would love to experiment with Buchla 250e Arbitrary Function Generator like circular designs. Seems to be rare, though … Charcot Circles by Studio Electronics seems interesting too.

Bit of a head fuck to understand personally but I’ll persist nonetheless

I’ve never used these little machines. I’d like to try a 4x4 volca style interface with the slightest of raised borders between steps if you will just to give a guide for touch without triggering a step and with similar size as the pocket operator layout.

Haven’t really developed a preference yet. I like the 4x4 grid of my POs, but have gotten on ok w/ the 8/16 step in a row layouts of the Volcas and Monologue. I also get on fine with the piano-roll style.

The Endless in OP-1 and the tracker-ish layout of SunVox have taken more getting used to.

I’m really liking the visual feedback of the Deluge’s 8x16 grid, particularly with its zoom and scroll ability.

Really like the sequencer GUI on Spark CDM, if you are familiar with learning styles (VAK-Visual, Auditory, Kinetic) thats helps explain why I found this useful, scoring high on visual and auditory. Polyend Seq looks good too…ironic really, as its all about the sound :slight_smile:

I think it’s much more about the ergonomics really.