Stereo line mixers

What are the modern options for stereo line mixers? FX not needed, EQ per channel would be nice, nice sound if overdriven a plus.

Check out Speck Electronics x.sum mixer and Via Fader mixer.
Not any EQ but it has super quality :wink:

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@Grate_expectations did you find a good stereo mixer with a nice overdriven sound ? I’m looking for this kind of gear too but appart the first Mackie MS1202 (no vlz) wich is not in production anymore, I didn’t find such mixer.

No. I’m still looking. It doesn’t seem these things really exist anymore apart from some rack mountable line mixers.

Has anyone any experience with the Rolls MX122 as a simple way of combining the audio from a few synths?

I’ve found a ms1202 mkI for 150€ in good condition. The overdrive can be pretty powerful and the all unit saturate in a pleasant way when you hit the red.
OK, I’ve been in a market for one for about 6 months and it was the only unit I’ve found under 200€.

You can also look for a Boss BX8, this things is a beast and you’ll get lot of distortion. I think it’s most common and pretty cheap.
Also the Boss KM 60 is good but more expensive.

As far as I know, those three are the most characterful mixer you can get for a good price.