Sticky buttons - any solution?

This may sound ineffectual but all I did to free mine up was locate the sticky edge/corner and run my fingernail down the gaps between the trigs and faceplate. They never catch anymore but if you press on the offending edge the feel is not as silky as the others , not enough to effect play though.

Ok. I’ll give that a check. Anything to fix this.

I’ve never been so close to a dream studio as I am now.

I have my Neves and API, my Dangerous Audio, my Apogees and RME, my DSI collection and my Elektron monster machine.

1 button. Haha

I know the digi is a lovely bit of kit but seriously stop w@nking over it! :open_mouth::wink:

Hey man, we all have our fetishes.

I’m into synth porn

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IMO, the solution is to send it back and make them send you a new one. I think it’s unacceptable to have problems like that on gear that costs $700+. Hell, I’d be pissed if I bought a $100 new piece of gear that had buttons that didn’t work right.

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Send it to where? Zzounds?

They said they won’t take it back without a re-stocking fee.

So can’t you send it back to Elektron for them to fix it? What is the $150 fee for?

There are just too many reports of issues - it sounds like the DT was a bit rushed. I need a good hardware MIDI sequencer more than a sample machine and the Pyramid is more powerful and straightforward on the MIDI front. I got the AR Mk1 for drum machine duties and it does the job extremely well- hopefully once Elektron’s marketing department deem it right for their profits they will release the proper sample transfer app for it so I can actually use my own samples in there.

That’s BS. If it’s a brand new piece of gear, and it’s defective, they need to send you a new one without any additional charges. I’d demand that, or else I’d dispute it with my credit card company, and then I’d never buy another item from Zzounds ever again.


Well said. You can also argue the re-stocking fee is not a realistic amount. It will never cost them $150 to restock it, or you could argue that since it’s defective they can’t restock it. Can’t imagine any decent business selling that unit again.

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The Digitakt MIDI does feel limited. My RS7000 is my favorite. I have an M3M and MPC Live, both have some aburdity that makes them unusable. MPC has a terrible MIDI Clock. The Korg has too many strange and bizarre steps for basic sequencing. It’s almost as if the sequencer were added on in pieces that weren’t created as a whole.

I have an AR1 and I use my own samples easily. Not sure what you mean. Took a few seconds to shoot over dozens via USB MIDI dump.

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It takes over 5 minutes to upload a single drum sample over here. I’ll have to check my setup, but others are reporting the same + frequent upload failures.

That’s what I expected but I watched the Cuckoos tutorial and he said two things were key:

Use Turbo Mode
Turn off auto channel or don’t have it set to 1

Mine transferred piles of drum samples in seconds.

At first I thought, dammit this thing doesn’t work because it happened so quickly, but then I looked, and there they were.

I use the overhub for sample transfer, as well.


Is it faster through the Overhub than plugging directly to the computer’s USB port ???

I don’t think so. I was just saying that even through the hub it was fast.

Turbo mode. Auto channel off.

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I piped up in another thread about sticky keys and the like. I was highly skeptical of the “it just sorts itself out over time” camp - but I can confirm that a month or so later, I don’t have the problem anymore - maybe the edges of the problem keys just ablated away, who knows?

Something I now try to avoid though, is running my finger across all the keys (to quickly input 16th note high hats for example) I only did it a couple of times but it really seemed to worsen the problem.


I tried it. Turbo Mode is not available when using USB to the computer directly. I turned off the Auto Channel and the sample upload seems a bit faster… still takes several seconds to upload a one-second sample and the c6 file browsing is pathetic- it defaults to the Documents folder every time…

I do this all the time and shouldn’t be any problem when your keys are seated and spaced properly. They’re mechanical switches a bit like the old computer keyboards had. They should last forever and can take a beating.

That’s so strange. I was astonished by how quickly it transferred. The complaints had my expectations very low.

Huh. I guess I didn’t have turbo set. Or perhaps I did because I had both USB and DIN.

The samples transferred quickly for me. Maybe it was a fluke

Elektron contacted me and said they will setup a repair.

So that’s good news.

Probably a good thing, because I have a new Octatrack to figure out!

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Elektron is willing to repair it … in California! Lol

How bizarre.

Aren’t these things made in Sweden?

So I have to spend $55 to ship it to Los Angeles … all the way across the continent. I live in Brooklyn.

They didn’t even send me a shipping label!!! Hahaha

Wow. This is just astonishing to me.

Brand new. I have to drop 10% of the purchase price less than 30 days later to get them to repair it.

I wonder if they’ll charge me return shipping? Hahaha I’m sure they will.

Skanky company with great gear.

Ah well.

It is what it is.