Strange bug, hihat engines not playing on some patterns

i have a strange bug, i don’t hear hihats (ch9, oh10) at specific pattern (d8). also pattern d9 - track ch9 starts working, oh 10 is not working. and i’m talking only about engines sound, when i add samples, i can hear them.
also when i choose any other pattern, all engines are working.
anyone had this before?

This might be related to my issues as well. I have some projects where certain sounds do not play unless I tap the corresponding pad once. Cannot remember the exact voices that were affected but IIRC the hats were among them, especially the 9th pad? I sent a support ticket about it to elektron along with an ableton project file that reproduced the issue. To this day this bug is unsolved AFAIK, as Olle from elektron said it was specifically related to that specific project ie. the bug would not reproduce if starting a new project from scratch.

Does your hihat engine come back if you hit the pad once?

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This has happened to me. Go to the pattern in question, select the silent voice, access the Trig page and make sure the Syn parameter is enabled.


My 4th pad will sometimes do this, I have to manually hit the pad to bring it to life then it’s fine for the whole session.

I may also have had this at some point, CH track. Synth didn’t play. Think a restart helped or whatever, memory hazed…

same here…sometimes it’s cutting one instrument out. even if it’s playing.

don’t know how it’s possible to run this Architecture so damn slow, programming wise.

why isn’t it possible to squash all the bugs once, clear this mess up elektron!

I had this issue too. For me, it just turned out that I was using two different machines on the two hi hat tracks. According to Simon, the sequencer will choke some hits as it cannot switch machines fast enough.
Hope that helps

we are not talking about the choke problem, buddy.

had the same issue … I think I sent midi from A4 to the AR which changed some track parameters. not sure though.

no, hitting pads doesn’t bring sound back :confused:

Ok, this is a new bug then.

See if you can reproduce the issue with a blank project. I’d submit a support ticket to elektron just in case, with as detailed bugreport as possible, and remember to include a syx dump of your project and which pattern contains the problem.


I have kinda the same issue when I use individual outposts for each voice, I can ear only certain voices in mono, in stereo in can ear all the sounds.

Maybe it is normal ?

thanks a lot, it was exactly this :slight_smile:
so guys, if you can’t hear your synth sounds, check trig page and syn parameter.