Strange LFO 2 encoder behaviour

When my Octatrack is on the LFO SETUP page and I have LFO 2 selected, the “E” encoder is activating the “B” encoder (ie the one above) and the “F” encoder is activating the “E” encoder (ie the one to its left).

They aren’t changing the values (WAVE and SPD) of the other encoders, they just go out of sleep mode and show their value.

The “E” and “F” encoders don’t affect neighbouring encoders on any other page (including the other LFO pages) and there is no other unexpected behaviour.

I have loaded old Projects, started a New Project and the behaviour persists. I can’t be sure whether it has just started or has always been that way. It isn’t causing a problem at the moment, but I am a little concerned that it may be indicative of an impending encoder failure.

Has anyone come across this before?

Very weird that it is only happening in one menu. Seems like a software bug. Is that possible?

Hmm. I’m unable to replicate this at all. I loaded a couple of different projects and my LFOs are… eh… sleeping soundly.

Since it seems pretty consistent one would suspect some encoder mayhem. But I agree, seems weird it would only be in that menu.

How are the MIDI LFOs doing?

Midi LFO menus are all fine. It’s just the audio LFO 2 menu.

I’ve had the unit 6months during which time it has lived on the same desk, under a dust cover when not being used and I’m mindful of not being heavy-handed with the encoders.

Could it be you’re sending a bank select (CC32 from somewhere)? Elektron rather naughtily use this and IIRC it’s for LFO2 depth.

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Hahaha! I had the Midi Out looped back into Midi In after some experimenting the other day! I didn’t think it made a difference as I wasn’t using Midi tracks - forgot that encoders send CCs.

Thanks smokyfrog! I was going slowly mad there.

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Cool, glad to be of service.