Strange problem with some keys on Analog Keys

Sometimes the first five keys on the left of the keyboard don’t generate sound.
At an non predictable moment sound returns.
What’s wrong? Have i changed a setting?

Is it like it on all patches/kits?

Strange. Do you have multimap activated?

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Yea it sounds like you have multi map activated.

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How do you activate Multi Map on AK? (on A4 you have to edit it to listen to it, or use external gear)


It happens in different projects.

No, not activated.

Is anything going midi in?
I thought it could have to do with filter tracking. But that would not happen with different projects. Could you test with a midi monitor or daw on your computer, if you always get the notes you are playing?

On the Ak you have a dedicated button for multi map playing

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There is a Analog Rytm going Midi In. Do i have to chance a setting?

I would switch it off or unplug it, to find out where the problem is (Hardware, sound settings, midi controller…).

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Yep! First time in troubleshooting is isolating the problem. Though unlikely the issue, maybe it’s an issue with octave and filter settings? I know the A4 defaults to high pass on a new patch, maybe the sound is beyond what is allowed to pass through the filter? Maybe try upping the octave and see if you can hear the sound

There was another thread about this - I forget what it was titled. I have the same symptoms/problem. After about the 10 seconds of key banging the left keys start working again. I think it’s hardware issue. Ive never used multimap mode.



Yes, thats it.

I should add - Lately I’ve been using my AK as a midi controller/cv-module and skipping the internal sound (sad I know.) I can say with certainty this is not the case of the oscillators/filters acting up - it’s something that also happens in midi mode.

Have you tried a factory reset?

Does it get better when you play longer, or does this happen randomly? I guess it’s time for a support ticket anyway.

I watched the video in the other thread. When he hits the keys - Also the little leds are not blinking. Looks like bad contact, loose ribbon cable or like something only the good people from Sweden will know what to do.
I myself would hit the failing keys honky donk piano style for a while - that’s good against anger and desperation and maybe something loosens up… good luck