Strom won't connect for love nor money!


I am having problems with Strom, so frustrating…

Turns out the first problem was not genuine camera kits don’t work with iOS 8, apple the robbing b*stards…!

So I bought a genuine one, it worked to start off with on iPad 3 and connected to the rytm with storm sending samples etc.

All of a sudden it stopped working, I’ve tried hard reset, resetting the rytm.

Strom won’t connect at all, it just says “Analog rhythm not connected - tap for details…”

AAAAAaaaargh! Can anyone help please, so far strom has cost me about £40 with the camera kit and it seems like a massive waste of money.


You could test to see if your CCK is allowing MIDI connection in a number of other iOS apps, most likely nothing to do with Strom though ! Maybe midi needs to send to USB or USB+DIN, not sure it’d stop it appearing though

hey, sorry to hear.

not sure what’s going on, the connection is very reliable usually.
make sure you’re on iOS 8.1.1, restart iPad, make sure your Rytm is on the latest OS.
there’s not much that can be done to troubleshoot besides that. it may be your USB cable?

I’ve tried all the restarting, doesn’t work. What settings do I need in rhythm?


rytm… damn predictive text!

Rytm settings don’t matter - have you tried a different USB cable?

edit: or can you confirm that the Rytm connects to your PC with the same USB cable?

Hard reset the iPad. Hold power and home until it shuts. off and the apple shows up again.

I think it’s not a strom problem, but a camera kit issue with iOS 8. Usb works fine to Mac from rytm, I can’t believe apple could release software that stops something as simple as a camera connection kit from working.