Strymon Zuma

Hi guys!
What do you think about this power supply? Is it enough for Elektrons to get 375mA for each device?

I have 2 Elektrons(AR mk2, A4 mk2) and 4 pedals. Thinking to use Zuma for all of them.


If you look at the manual, or even on the back of your machine (where the DC in jack is), it should show you how much current the device needs. That number is probably a max with some safety buffer added (to prevent unexpected shutdown), but I think all the Elektrons require quite a bit more current than 375mA. Iā€™m curious to know if anyone has tested any of the machines to see real-world numbers though. I definitely had the same thought to use one of the Strymon power supplies, but I doubt it will work. Those power supplies were designed for pedals, remember.

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True. Probably it is a good idea to go to music shop and just try it there. After few weeks I hope will do it.