Stylus / cartridge advice

hey fam

Need some advice for buying a new stylus for my turntable

I’m not the biggest aficionado when it comes to record players. I did buy a Technics 1200 mk5 off a friend a few years ago. He was more of a scratch DJ, so it currently has a technics cartridge with a Shure stylus. (Not sure if I’m using the right terminology here)

So I’m looking for a replacement but not entirely sure what to go for. I think the stylus is shot, sounds pretty bad and looks kinda snapped/bent

Anyway as I understand it the Shure is discontinued, so I kinda need something else. As it stands I’m not a scratch DJ and use the turntable more for listening at home, I get that this turntable maybe wasn’t the choice for me but I don’t mind. So if there’s something a little more, I dunno, stereophile. Or whatever really. Just looking for simple suggestions on what I might need. If anyone has any links or can suggest what I might need to get setup again I’d appreciate it as I’m missing my records :disappointed_relieved:

pic attached for reference

To correct you slightly you have a technics headshell and shure cartridge and stylus.

I wouldn’t feel the need to replace that quickly, the m447 is absolute classic and their slyli are very robust. Produce a palatable sound too.

I use a nagaoka mp-110, handbuilt in japan, beautiful sound. Reasonable price

Yeah I think it’s broke. I’ve had it a good 5 or 6 years and it had some usage prior to that

Thanks for the clarification of terminology hehe

Also invest in the following:

Technics headshell alignment tool
Turn table protractor
Stylus tracking scale (calibrateable)
Stylus cleaner (nagaoka or audio technical make a good one)
Anti static brush
Anti static sleeves for your records.

Look after them they will look after you.


I like the ortofon concorde line myself, as those needles seem very hard to break.

Plenty of options to choose from, evEn within the concorde form factor.

Don’t obsess over the cart & needle though, technics is not really an audiofile turntable :diddly:

Nevertheless, the stuff above is good advise (getting the accessories and looking after your records)

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Actually, you were right. I pulled off the head and reseated all the cables, rescrewed that bastard on tight… now seems good :slight_smile:

Stand down! Haha

Still, up for any recommendations on this kinda thing or some good resources for care and maintenance etc

Does sound a little rougher/ coughy than usual… maybe needs a clean as you suggest

If you like the 447 stylus there is a company in Japan that is making a re-issue. I hear from reliable friends that they work well.

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I don’t subscribe to the term audiophile but technics are an indelible part of turntablism. Their build quality and reliablity are second time to none apart from smaller production boutique companies with customers with deep pockets

I used to use Ortofons on my turntables, I liked them. But even if the stylus is discontinued, there’s likely NOS that you could get, in addition to the remakes that @RiddimFernandez mentioned.

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Might be of interest to yaz -


yes but turntablism and hifi vinyl playback have very little in common :nyan: Hifi decks do not allow scratching of any kind, unless you want to ryin your needle, that is.

Besides, wrt turntablism… I’m a Vestax man myself. But of course the 1200s influence and dominance on that scene cannot be underestimated.